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Under the Stairs Wine Cellar

Over the last few years, wine cellars have grown in popularity as more homeowners want to enjoy their glass of wine in the comfort of the familiar without having to run to the store to pick up their favorite vintage. There is also an increasing number of wine enthusiasts who want to have a special place to show off their collection. Typically, wine needs to be stored in a cool, dark, and moist area which often was the cellar or basement, not a very inviting or pretty place, however, as technology advanced designers have been able to create wine cellars that not only look amazing but have moved them out of the basement into more agreeable areas in the home such as kitchens and even their own beverage centers. Recently, a new trend that is starting to rise as an ideal storage area for wine is under the stairs. This is a great area as it is typically an unused area in the center of the home. If you are looking for a place to put your wine cellar, look no further than your own staircase. 

Why a wine cellar under the stairs?

There are several reasons why you should consider this as an option for your wine cellar location:

  • Adds value to your property
  • Creates visual interest
  • Saves money
  • Safety

For those who love wine but are lacking sufficient space or the right location, the solution may be right in front of you. The staircase is often near the kitchen or living room making it an ideal spot to create a wine cellar. With ample hollow space underneath it also makes it a more budget friendly option than creating additional square footage or taking away from another area of the home that is already in use. Choosing to place your wine collection in the center of the home means it is the perfect spot to showcase your delightful acquisitions to your family and friends. It also makes it easy to see what you have, what you might be running low on, and have ready access to a glass whenever you need one. Homes with a wine cellar, especially one so elegantly highlighted, adds a sense of class and affluence which increases value to potential homebuyers. When you have a wine cellar in your home this means that your storage capability has increased allowing you to purchase your favorite wine by the case, which translates into some nice savings for you since there is usually a discount when buying wine by the case. Adding a few decorative flairs such as backlighting and built-ins can turn your ordinary staircase into a work of art with your wine collection at the center of it all. There is one additional bonus to having the wine cellar under the stairs and that is safety. With it being on the main level there is no need to go up or down when you want a glass of wine minimizing the chance of falling down a set of stairs. The staircase is one of the most optimal choices for a wine cellar in the home and our experienced design team can assist you in planning the perfect layout that maximizes storage while keeping with your style.

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Design tips for a wine cellar under the stairs.

There are countless options and ideas for creating not just a functional space to perfectly store your assortment of wine but one that reflects your personal style. Some wine cellar design choices include:

  • Glass
  • Lighting
  • Wood
  • Built-ins
  • Decorative wine racks
  • Wine wall

When you are in the design phase take time to browse through photo galleries to gather ideas of what you like, Pinterest and Houzz are two great platforms that have countless projects. It is also critical that you think through the function of a wine cellar as there are specific needs that must be meet such as:

  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • Humidity

Wine needs to be stored at a consistent 55 degrees with a humidity level of 55 to 70 percent. There is also a caution regarding shaking that can come from appliances like the washer and dryer. Low light is the best option when it comes to storing wine. As you begin to make selections for the design, be sure to keep these factors in mind. LED light does not emit UV light making it the best choice for illuminating your wine cellar and wine racks. It makes a great statement especially when used for backlight without causing damage to the wine itself. Wood is a perfect compliment to wine as it gives a vintage feel, you can use it as an accent wall or for storing the actual wine bottles itself. Built-ins are a great way to safely store your collection since the bottles can be placed on their side and stacked one upon the other. It can even turn into its own art piece making it visually pleasing. Some homeowners choose to use glass as the wall material for their wine cellars allowing everyone to clearly see what is inside but protecting it from varying temperatures and humidity. It is also an elegant pairing option for wood and light as each play off of the other beautifully. There are of course multiple ways to store your wine collection, from wall racks where they can be laid on their side with the label facing out or in built-ins which allow you to organize them by reds and whites or however. Organization is critical in every area of the home including your wine cellar, a space dedicated to housing your wonderful assortment of vintages.

Wine cellar under the stairs. 

If you love wine, have a marvelous collection, want to keep it safe, and have easy access to it then a wine cellar might just need to be your next project. Your staircase is an untapped space that when used correctly can give you the wine cellar you always dreamed of. Our design team are experts at maximizing space, creating optional storage solutions, and showcasing your unique style. Our goal with every client is to tell their story, what matters to them, through design and if wine is on your list of favorite things we can help you. Serving more than 16 counties and counting, we look forward to partnering with you on your next project.


Staining is a great way to enhance the natural beauty of the wood while bringing in some color to the design. Fans of wood grain often find staining is a great way to preserve and highlight the natural beauty of the species since it allows the grain to shine through perfectly balancing color and texture. The finished product is cabinets that showcase the simple elegance of the grain and will retain a timeless look making it easy to resale if desired. 

It is important to keep in mind that the lighter the stain the more natural character of the wood will come through so it is vital to like the wood as it is before proceeding to stain them. On the same note, a darker stain lends to a feeling of elegance and sophistication to the overall style of the design. No matter which shade of stain chosen, it will leave you admiring the wood’s unique features.


Depth, dimension and texture are a few words that describe the effects of adding a glaze finish to cabinets. This type of finish is applied to cabinets once they have been stained or painted. It can add that extra pop or touch to the finished pieces and give depth to the overall look of the kitchen. 

Glazing can be used to accent or highlight certain features on the cabinets such as molding and special details. It is a great way to create a unique style that blends elegance with timeless. Glazing never compromises the quality of the cabinets but seeks to enhance what is already present.

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