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Designing a Self-care Bathroom

Self-care has become a popular term lately as we realize the importance of taking care of ourselves. Often we drive ourselves to do more and feel guilty if we take a break but the truth is we all need one. This doesn’t happen by accident, self-care is an intentional choice to take a moment to check on our own well-being. The best place to start is the atmosphere in your home. Does it really feel like you can be yourself or do you still feel tense when you walk inside? With many working from home on a regular basis it is time for us to rethink our space and evaluate how it is affecting us and our health. One area in particular that should be on the list is the bathroom as it is an essential part of the home and can offer us a place to unwind. Let’s discuss what elements you can include when designing a self-care bathroom.

Soaker tubs

Taking a bath is an ideal way to destress after a hard day at work. Add a little music paired with some candles and you have created the perfect home spa evening. But your bathroom tub leaves you feeling cramped as your knees stick out and your shoulders cold unless you have a soaker tub. When redesigning your bathroom consider putting a soaker tub on the list of must haves because not only does it look amazing but it comes with several perks including:

  • Improved mood
  • Muscle pain relief
  • Stress reduction

Soaking in hot water has several benefits like relieving the tension of back and neck pain. Soaker tubs allow you to fully submerge yourself and let the hot water wrap around those sore muscles. The added heat also can give you a sense of calm which can linger long after you have left the tub helping you sleep better at night. Plus it is great for reducing stress and anxiety too. Talk to your designer about adding a soaker tub to your bathroom renovation.

Steam Shower

When looking to create that luxury spa experience at home, a steam shower is just the thing that can do it. Basically, it is a shower with the capacity to produce warm, vaporous steam. A soaker tub is great for a relaxing evening but if you don’t have the time for a long soak or are not in the mood for a bath then a steam shower is the answer. Steam is a great way to refresh your skin and clear your sinuses leaving you feeling reinvigorated and renewed. Since it also functions as a regular shower, you can enjoy a quick rinse after the steam. Similar to a soaker tub, steam showers can improve the appearance of your skin and even have the potential to lower your blood pressure. When designing your steam shower select materials that are easy to clean and durable such as natural tile. Also add sufficient ventilation since the steam can result in mold if there is not enough air flow.

Smart options for your bathroom

Smart home options are trending as more homeowners look for ways to keep their homes safe and enjoy the convenience this technology brings. There are several great upgrades available for your bathroom that can take it to the next level of awesome such as:

  • Interactive LED mirrors
  • Floor heating system
  • Smart faucets
  • Aromatherapy diffuser

When designing a self-care bathroom adding these items can create an inviting atmosphere where it is easy to take the best care of you. Aromatherapy is a natural way to enjoy the benefits of nature through the use of diffusing oil. There are many benefits to using them such as stress reduction and muscle ache relief not to mention turning your bathroom into a spa-center. Heating flooring is another luxury feature that can make you feel instantly relaxed and is also energy efficient since it requires less power to function than traditional heating options. While interactive mirrors may not seem like the ideal self-care feature, having the ability to quickly check traffic or weather reports plus look at your schedule can help you be prepared for the day which in turn can help you feel better. Smart home upgrades for your bathroom is just another step in taking better care of yourself. For a detailed list check out this article from Hippo.


Traditionally, fireplaces have been placed in areas such as the living room or maybe the bedrooms but the rules of interior design are constantly shifting and adjusting to the current trends and needs of homeowners. Over the last few years many have enjoyed including a fireplace in the bathroom and it is more than just for the extra heat source. By nature, fireplaces invoke a sense of calm as the flames flicker continuously, capturing our attention and making it easy to just sit back and relax. This is the perfect element for a self-care bathroom where you can sink down in your soaker tub and be enchanted by your fireplace with maybe some soft music in the background. There are several options available now including gas and electric with both offering a variety of looks and styles that can beautifully integrate with your bathroom design. Having these options means virtually zero maintenance plus several come with lights that seamlessly change color adding to the rooms ambience. Adding a fireplace to your bathroom could be just the thing needed to take it to a whole new level.

Custom features

When it comes to designing a self-care bathroom there can be no doubt that adding a few specialized features can make you feel extra special and taken care of for sure. Some ideas can include:

  • Docking drawers
  • Custom bathroom vanity
  • Built-ins 

Your bathroom should be designed with you in mind and incorporating items that reflect or serve specific needs is what sets it apart from the rest. Docking drawers are awesome because they allow you to store and use your hairdryer in the same space which can also help keep your countertop cleaner. Having a custom bathroom vanity in your master bathroom means you get exactly what you need to easily do your morning routine and have everything in its proper place for both you and your partner. It also means that you each have the storage and custom features for yourself. Custom means having a space that is designed just for you and gives a whole new meaning to self-care.

Designing a self-care bathroom

Your health and well-being matter which is why we love assisting our clients in designing a space that can aid them in achieving this goal. The bathroom is a great place to start as it is an area that is used daily to prepare you for the day and relax after the work is done. We all need a place where we can go and recharge ourselves. Our experienced design team can help you create the perfect plan that will give you all the elements necessary to have a self-care bathroom that is exactly what you need. Serving more than 15 counties including Mecklenburg, Spartanburg, Greenville, Buncombe, and beyond. Let’s connect and begin designing your new self-care bathroom.