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The Future of Color

Color can be one of the funnest elements to use in the design world especially with cabinets as it often is the focal point or at least dominant feature. Over the years there have been a wide variety of colors used in the home from traditional white to groovy shades like olive green and mustard yellows of the infamous 60’s and 70’s. While bold colors took a step back for a few decades they have been making a strong comeback as homeowners rediscovered the vibrancy and pop they bring to the space plus allowing them to express their own personality at the same time. There are many ways to incorporate it into your design whether that be a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or even a home office so let’s explore some of the trending color choices of the bold variety and how they can best serve your needs.


Though you may not consider it a classic color or one that goes with everything, that is exactly what black is. It is a color that never goes out of style and works well with a wide variety of shades and hues making it a great option for multiple areas within the home. It brings a sense of elegance, simplicity, and a touch of sophistication to the room so don’t shy away from using black in your design. It makes a wonderful contrast choice or accent color especially when paired with white and red. For those who enjoy a more modern or contemporary look, this color is the go to choice for many designers as it brings a sense of boldness with it. Some choose to have this as their main color by painting their ceiling or walls entirely in black which can have a nice effect and it can make a space feel more intimate which is good for areas like the living areas where a sense of connection is the goal. Black is a fabulous choice for high traffic areas like the kitchen or even for the master bathroom as it lends a sense of luxury to it. Talk to your designer about the possibility of incorporating black into your project.


This color has been gaining in popularity over the last few years and has really made a statement in the design world as more homeowners are looking to bring this vibrant shade of nature into their projects. From bathroom vanities to kitchens, it is a fun color that brings the richness and beauty of nature right into the home. Traditionally, green is a color that reflects energy and security making it a great choice for a lot of areas in the home such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living spaces. It is also a color that runs a wide spectrum of cools and warms making it versatile for any design or palette. Green works well as an accent color or as a main focal point which provides you with the freedom to use it any way you choose. More and more designers are looking to bring a touch of nature into the home and this shade is made to order. You can turn a bathroom into a spa-like resort by pairing soft or vibrant greens with light wood tones and adding a few lighting fixtures as well gives the finishing touch. Richer colors are a great way to incorporate a little elegance or even a touch of fun to your space as well. Don’t be afraid to explore using the color green in your next project.


Seen as a color of passion, red often is used at a minimum in design unless you want to go bold in your space but it can be a wonderful color that looks stunning. Of course there is no denying the fact that it will grab someone’s attention but that is part of what makes it such an exciting choice. Using it in a place such as the kitchen can be accomplished but it usually is best to pair it with a complimentary color such as black or white. Either of these choices balances it out and brings a sense of unity to the design while still allowing it to make a stylish and smashing statement. Black and red are a traditionally favorite combination but white can go a long way in bringing a wow factor to your space due to contrast. This is also a color that tells your guests a lot about you since it stands for confidence, self-reliance, and even a little optimism. Color is a part of telling your story and red can certainly be a great help in doing just that. Browse places like Pinterest and Houzz to see how red is being incorporated into home design.


This is a more traditional color that appears in a lot of interior design magazines. It is often the go-to pairing for white, gray, and wood especially in kitchens and bathrooms but blue is breaking out of its customary shell by exploring new shades. Turquoise, teal, and azure are some homeowners choices for kitchen islands, laundry rooms, and bathroom vanities and they are loving the results. Soft blues are often equivalent to a sense of calm and tranquility while the bold or rich tones give off a luxury vibe plus this color pairs elegantly with various wood tones making it the perfect choice for two toned kitchens. Drawing some inspiration from nature just as the green, it can immediately make a home more organic in feel and create a relaxing environment which is something many are craving today as we rush from one place to another. Opting for a blue kitchen island or bathroom vanity is a great choice and it is a color that blends with numerous design styles which is another added bonus. Since it is such a popular choice your designer will no doubt have plenty of examples to show you for your next project.

Jewel tones

This is the true fun and bold choices of the color world. Jewel tones can include colors such as purple, teal, amber, pink, and even yellow. These are sure to make a splash in your home as well as conversation starters. It is also a nice break from the traditional color palettes everyone is used to seeing in their neighbors homes which adds a sense of personalization to your space. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box by looking at these colors for options as they can make beautiful accent pieces like built-ins or focal points such as a bathroom vanity. Your home is about the things you love including color.

The future of color

Color is a staple in design but the shades are up to you. More and more designers are gaining confidence in recommending the use of colors outside the traditional to give their clients a customized experience. Home is the place that reflects you and that includes the colors you choose.