Home Office – the new must-have

The home office has become more than just a place to pay bills or write a grocery list. As more and more people work from home, having a dedicated space is essential because it allows you to separate work from home. By definition, the purpose of an office is to create a supportive environment for the occupant to perform their job. Having a space set aside just for work, whether it is professional or personal, allows creativity and energy to flow unhindered. Many designers believe a home office is becoming one of a home’s must-have features. In fact, there is evidence that having a home office can make a home more attractive to potential buyers. Here we share a few things we believe are important to creating an office that will help make it easier to meet those deadlines and check off that to-do list.


Having a defined workspace can encourage productivity because it allows us to focus on the task at hand. It can also help limit the distractions that vie for our time on a regular basis. Knowing there is a dedicated, functional space can also help remove the drag of work. Ultimately, time is saved when all the tools needed to accomplish the assignment are in one location. When we want to bake, it helps to have all the ingredients on hand instead of running around the kitchen looking for one thing and another. The same goes for a home office, a well-defined workspace will keep you on track to checking off the next thing on your list. 

Charging station

Today more than ever, we are dependent on our phone as is evident when we realize we are almost out of power and there is no charger in sight. Though they are a needful piece of equipment, chargers can be an eyesore. By creating a designated space that is custom-built into the desk or tucked away neatly nearby eliminates the clutter while enabling you to stay connected. Creating a functional space does not mean beauty need be compromised. We have helped many of our clients find creative ways to incorporate a charging station in their home office while staying with the design.

Sufficient storage

The only thing better than a dedicated workspace is an organized workspace. Clutter is easy to accumulate and can quickly quench the fires of productivity. We all have had those moments when we can’t find that one document we need or a bill that went unpaid because it was lost under all the other papers strewn over the desk. By having designated spaces for paperwork, tools, and supplies efficiency will be maximized as will your time. At Walker Woodworking, we love helping our clients create storage solutions that solve problems and erase the clutter.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

Make it yours!

Each of us has a unique way of doing things, a method for storing items or filing important papers. It is important to have a home office that is a reflection of your style. Carving out a space that is dedicated just for an office that is unique to the things you need can promote an environment that is not only productive but inviting. Motivation is a powerful tool and the atmosphere can play a big part in keeping us motivated to move forward. By having a space that we want to go to, we can almost guarantee more will get done with less of a struggle. View our gallery to find inspiration or give us a call to learn how we can help design a space that allows you to meet those deadlines with ease.

The Work Triangle

An unhindered workspace

Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, it means there will be a lot of activity that takes place within its boundaries. People get ready to face the day by making their morning coffee and packing lunches. Dishes that have piled up need to be washed and put away. Dinner needs to be made and served to a hungry family. With all these different tasks going on, often at the same time, it’s easy for people to stumble over one another and create chaos in what should be a pleasant area in the home. This is where the work triangle comes into play by creating a functional space that allows everything to get done without trampling over others in the process. 

What is the work triangle?

A work triangle is a standard design practice that helps create an efficient kitchen workspace with clear traffic lanes allowing the cook to have easy access to food storage, cleaning, and cooking areas. It is an imaginary triangle connecting the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator within the sum of the triangle that does not exceed 26 feet. Some other general rules include:

  • No side of the triangle should cut through an island or peninsula by more than 12 inches.
  • No major traffic pattern should cross through the triangle
  • Each leg should measure between four and nine feet.

By creating boundaries within the kitchen, activities can take place easily and quickly. Browse our gallery for more examples and inspiration.

Benefits of the triangle

With so much going on in the kitchen including evening homework by the kids and work projects by parents, it is easy for space to quickly become crowded hindering the original purpose, cooking. By creating the triangle, a dedicated area is now in place which ensures that there is enough space for making those delicious meals without risk of a collision. Convenience is another benefit to having the work triangle in place since it allows for everything to be within easy reach. If there is a designated space for cooking there will be less traffic going through allowing the person cooking to complete the meal with minimal distractions. Learn more about the benefits of having a work triangle in the kitchen.

Great use of space

Whether you have a small or large space, it is important to use it effectively. A small kitchen needs to function properly while not feeling cramped. A large kitchen has more space which can create some hassle if things are too far apart. A work triangle solves both of these problems by making each space work effortlessly in the designated area. A small kitchen means there is no room for wasted space which is where the triangle helps because it places the most used stations within easy reach of each other. With a large kitchen, things can get lost and feel too far away, making it difficult to cook or do anything else. The triangle saves the day again by placing the essential areas together saving valuable steps, especially when trying to get dinner on the table. 

A place to create

The triangle is a great design tool and has the ability to help homeowners create a functional, and usable space. It helps save time and energy when making a delicious meal by providing everything within easy reach. Kitchens have evolved into more than just a place to make meals, it is a place where memories are made. The work triangle ensures that both can be done without hindering the other. 

We have nearly twenty years of experience helping our clients create a space that not only works for them but one that they will love for years to come. We would love to have the opportunity to help you take your space from workable to functional.