Cookbooks to Tablets

Technology is what’s trending in today’s kitchen.

Today’s kitchen trends encompass far more than colors, counter tops, flooring and appliances.  Old cook bookYour grandmother’s recipe cards or cookbooks are now the latest framed Pinterest project.  Milk, bread and flour, once a staples in your grandmother’s kitchen, are now been replaced with a refrigerator that includes HD televisions and mounted kitchen tablets that are functional and fun.

Consumers have come to expect technology in all facets of their lives; the kitchen is no exception!

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Photo by Walker Woodworking – All Rights Reserved

It is important how the kitchen fits into your lifestyle and it is even more important how it functions.

Kitchens are now being designed as smart kitchens, with mobile devices everywhere. Smart homes feature WI-FI enabled appliances – all of which must be considered in your kitchen design.  Home management is important and you may want to have a message center, a drop zone, key racks, mail-slots and individual storage for each family member and even for the four legged family members.  Custom cabinet design features can help you customize your space.

Technology is being integrated into the kitchen design.  Interactive appliances with touch screens, digital devices compatible with phones and tablets, docking drawers and charging stations are increasingly popular in the latest kitchen designs.  Wireless appliances such as blenders and toasters are in the near future.

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Photo by Walker Woodworking – All Rights Reserved

Microwave drawers, as well as refrigerator drawers, and warming drawers are becoming more popular for the function and

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Custom Cabinets by Walker Woodworking. Custom built warming drawer with raised wood panel. Photo by Walker Woodworking staff – All Rights Reserved.

the safety for all generations, as we now have young and old living together in one home.

Accessibility, functionality, storage, style and “going green” are additional design trends being integrated into today’s kitchen design. Money-saving tips would be to have energy efficient appliances, low-flow faucets, task lighting and natural light.

At Walker Woodworking we will not only customize your cabinets, we will customize the design process to fit your family needs – keeping up with all the latest trends! Fitting all your wants and needs into one space and into your budget is our utmost objective!

Jan Blanton – Walker Woodworking

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff - All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

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