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Storage with a Purpose

There is a lot that goes into building a home. Months are spent planning layouts, rooms, and materials but often there is one area that gets neglected, storage. Lack of storage is usually discovered after the move in, when things pile up or areas become cluttered with items that can’t find a home. Sufficient storage yields multiple benefits including better room flow, increased productivity, and resale value of the home. Adding customized storage can take it to a whole new level. Let’s discuss the benefits of having storage with a purpose and some tips on how to do it.

Storage increases productivity

One of the biggest losses of a homeowner’s time is in looking for things they need but can’t find. When there are designated spaces created, you will save time because they will be accessible when you need them unless of course some member of the family forgets to put it back. Adding storage space for certain items means you will spend less time hunting and more accomplishing the tasks you need. Read more about how important storage is in the home.

Storage increases home value

Little storage in a home has an effect on the value. Here are some areas in the home that benefit greatly by additional storage and give you an advantage if you choose to sell.

  • Closets: linen, bedroom, and hallway are all key areas in the home that can be turned into maximized storage areas. Shelving is one great way to utilize a closet since it allows for boxes and unique items to be stored easily and safely. Be sure to include these areas when designing your home.
  • Garage: this area is more than just a place to park the cars and throw all the lawncare items. By adding a heavy duty peg board to the wall and adding a few hooks, it can be used to hang tools such as rakes and shovels not to mention garden hoses and other random items that get tossed in the garage. Cabinets along a wall also provide a great option for storing those items that are not as well suited for the inside like all the kids sport gear and your husbands hunting equipment.
  • Laundry: the laundry room has evolved into more than just the place where the clothes are cleaned and dried. It is now where the pet food and toys are kept, cleaning supplies are stored, and the rarely used larger items such as crock pots can be tucked away but are still in easy reach. Talk with your designer who can help you utilize this space to the fullest.
  • Mudroom: considered the transition point between the in and outside of the home, this area has great potential. As a place where coats, backpacks, and briefcases can be neatly stored away, it makes for an easy morning routine. There are several other great ways to maximize its use by adding chargers for your electronic devices and cubbies for shoes. This is considered a great edition to potential homebuyers.
  • Kitchen: since this is one of the most used areas in the home it comes as no surprise that buyers are looking for a kitchen that has plenty of storage for dishes, utensils, food items, and even linens. A designer can help you determine the best way to get the best use of space in this area of the home.

By building with sufficient storage in mind you will have a home that is valuable and gives you the advantage when choosing to sell.

Storage increases function

Good storage can make a big difference in the home no matter the size. A large home can become dysfunctional if things are scattered throughout the home while a small home can become frustrating when you trip over things due to not knowing where to put it. Storage enables a home to run at its very best meaning less stress for you. Look around each area and think about its main purpose then create storage that helps perform that task better. A kitchen for example is meant to prepare food and store the items needed to create those delicious meals. Have designated areas for utensils, dishes, and even the trash can. This eliminates the need to move from one place to the next in order to get all the needed pieces. Custom storage allows you to maximize the square footage of your home and make it easy to have a place for everything. From a mudroom to custom cabinets with cooking dividers, look at this client’s project that made keeping everything in it’s place easy.

Storage design tips

While storage is a good thing, it does need to be planned out. Poorly planned storage is almost as bad as having none to begin with. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating storage areas in your home.

  • Look for the unused areas: there is often more room in your house than you realize including under the stairs and the attic. These places hold great potential for storage.
  • Open storage looks great: not all storage needs to be hidden. Built-ins provide a beautiful place to store items such as books, board games, and decorative boxes but keep in mind that because it is visible it should be easy to keep it looking tidy when guests come for a visit.
  • Kid friendly: we all understand that clean is not an easy word for kids to comprehend but by making storage within easy reach for them they can do it easier. Providing a simpler way for them to pull out and put away their items can help them keep a room cleaner and might mean they don’t have to call on you as often.
  • Do your homework: know what will need to go where and how often it will be used. Trash cans are a great example, it is used every day, multiple times per day meaning it should be readily available. Cleaning supplies are another example. Since it may be needed at a moment’s notice it is best to keep it in an area that can be reached quickly.

Planning is key to storage and a good designer can help you know where and how to get the best use of storage from your space. Be sure to bring a list of things that will need to be stored or what you have in mind to your design meeting.

Storage with a purpose

Our experienced team has helped numerous clients achieve a home that was exactly what they needed by listening to their needs and designing a space around those unique needs. Our custom cabinets not only provide storage with a purpose but with class. Each piece is created to reflect the style and personality of the homeowner. How can we help you get more out of your space? Schedule a design meeting today.