Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Hidden Spaces become Useful Spaces 

Space is a valuable commodity, especially in our homes. Everyone needs an area to call their own, to be able to enjoy their craft, but the essential areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms take priority leaving little space for a man cave or craft room. This is where a designer needs to think outside the box to create something useful out of the unusual. Homeowners have more to work with than they realize, here we share a few hidden spaces in the home that can be turned into a functional and useful area.

Hidden spaces in an unused closet

Do you have a spare closet that you are not using very much? What about a little closet in the hallway or even in the guest bedroom? Maybe you have an old walk-in pantry that you don’t use or a linen closet that isn’t really being used. These hidden spaces can be turned into a great little usable space like:

  • Reading nook – small closets make a great place to encourage reading for the little ones. Add some soft floor padding, a beanbag, a shelf to put their favorite books, and a lamp to read by. They may love it so much they may never leave.
  • Small office – looking for a place to simply pay the bills, write a quick note or grocery list? This is the perfect space to create a little office station. 
  • Craft space – closets are the perfect size for a craft room. By utilizing the walls through pegboards and shelves you can pack a lot into a small area. Add a wall to wallboard to create a worktable and you are set to express your creativity.
  • Beverage station – tired of not having enough space to have a beverage area at parties? Well, closets can solve that problem for you. Adding a simple countertop and small refrigerator can result in the perfect self-serve drink station for your next gathering.

There are multiple ways to utilize the space you already have, it just requires some out of the box thinking. Spend some time looking around your home, taking inventory of your hidden spaces, and considering if they are being used to their fullest potential. Be sure to mention it to your designer.

bead board,coat rack,crown molding, cabinets, desk

Hidden spaces in the basement

Wanting to add a home gym to your home or maybe a game room but not sure you have the space? Basements are a goldmine of hidden spaces and untapped square footage. Not only does a finished basement give you the extra room you’ve looking for, but it also increases the value of your home. Some ideas for this area:

  • Game room – this is great for family game night or neighborhood sports night. There is nothing like having an area to gather and have fun without feeling cramped or putting anyone else out of their space.
  • Wine cellar – basements are the perfect place to create a storage area for all your amazing wine collection. Plus the basement tends to be one of the cooler spots in the home.
  • Home office – work from home? Need an office space to yourself where you can work undisturbed? Look no further than the basement. This area offers you an ideal space to get the needed work done for your job without having to tell everyone to be quiet.
  • Workshop – do you have a hobby that takes up more space than just the dining room table? Maybe you enjoy woodworking ( we totally get that) or maybe you are a budding artist. Each requires sufficient space to work and the freedom to leave your tools out instead of having to clean up the mess each time you have to stop working. The basement was created with your hobby in mind.
  • Gym – Most would agree they would prefer to work out at home and the basement is the perfect place to create a little home gym. Since it is usually a cooler area and fewer windows, this space can be perfect for a “get in shape” and “judgment-free” zone.

The possibilities are endless. By finishing the basement or reworking the existing space you can carve out an area perfect for you.

Hidden spaces in the attic

In older homes especially, there are untapped storage and functional hidden spaces located right above your head. One of the best advantages of finishing up the attic is added insulation which can improve the temperatures of your home and humidity. It also adds resale value to your home since there is more usable space. Ideal uses for this area include:

  • Playroom – if you are looking for the perfect space for the littles to play, the attic could be your perfect solution. The slanted walls don’t bother the kids and make a great spot to put bookshelves and store the toys.
  • Guest suite – the open floor plan of the attic makes it an excellent choice for adding that much-needed guest suite for family and friends extended stays. By adding a bathroom and couch your guests can have a private retreat.
  • Entertainment space – the attic is the perfect place to host those sport watch parties or celebrate a special occasion. Adding a beverage station and a couple of bean bags for more seating, you will be all set for football season.

Choosing to utilize the hidden spaces in your attic can give you more square footage to create those useful and needed areas in the home. View this gallery to see some other unique attic spaces.

From unused to useful

Since we specialize in the unique, we love helping our clients take the space they have and thinking outside the box. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your home no matter where it might be found. Let us assist you in taking those hidden spaces scattered around and create functional, useful spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Browse our project gallery to see how we have helped our clients achieve a space perfectly suited to them and their lifestyle by finding those hidden spaces and maximizing their potential. We proudly serve 16 counties including Mecklenburg, Buncombe, Hendersonville, Watauga, and Greenville, but we are not limited by them. Be sure to visit our showroom located in beautiful Uptown Shelby.