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Essential Bathroom Renovation Questions

While a renovation is a wonderful thing, transforming your spaces into exactly what you need, it also can lead to a lot of questions, especially at the beginning and for beginners. Asking questions is never a bad thing, in fact, it can help you avoid costly mistakes, save time, and ease stress. Knowing what questions to ask is also a critical part of your renovation. Choosing to do a bathroom renovation whether that means swapping out a few things or starting fresh requires you to have a plan and all good plans begin with a question. Finding the answers will lead you to create a design that works best for you and your lifestyle plus ensures that you will love your new space for years to come. What questions are essential to ask prior to starting your bathroom renovation? What must be answered before you arrive at demo day? Thankfully, after doing hundreds of projects we have learned some of the most important questions you should ask prior to your bathroom renovation. Here is our list of essentials.

What is your vision?

It all begins here, you can only arrive at your destination when you know where you want to go. This applies to your bathroom. What colors do you want? Bold, modern colors like bright greens and dark blacks or more traditional like soft whites and blues? Does the current space just need to be moved around or are you looking to expand it to gain more usable room? Are more eco-friendly materials important to you? Taking time to browse different design magazines, looking through project galleries, and even Pinterest boards can help you narrow down your ideas that you can bring to your designer. Having a plan will set the course for the entire renovation and ensure you get what you want in your bathroom.

What is your budget?

A good plan lets you know where you are going but knowing your budget will keep you on track for the whole project. It is one of the most critical areas in any renovation. While a bathroom renovation is not the most expensive area in the home, it is easy to let it escalate beyond your original figure if you are not careful. Talking to your designer about your proposed budget helps them know what options to present to you and if there needs to be any adjustments made. An experienced designer can also help you choose the best options as well as know what areas can be saved on such as hardware and fixtures. Be aware that every element can affect your budget, from what wood you choose for your cabinets to the light fixtures. It is also best to have a contingency fund for the unexpected things that can happen during a renovation. Knowing which elements are the most important will help finalize your budget.

What bathroom layout is best?

This is an important part of the renovation since placement is fairly permanent unless you want to do a renovation every few years. Think through your routine and what matters most for you. Decide if you will really use a tub and shower or if just a shower will do, of course there is always the option of a combo. One factor to keep in mind is the category of the bathroom. Is it a jack and jill, a master, guest, or hall bath? These play a part in deciding the layout too. If this is a renovation versus a new construction, keep in mind that moving the plumbing is costly so if you can work with where it is that will save your budget a few dollars. Give yourself enough space to move around in as well and consider what items will go next to each other such as the toilet, shower, vanity, and tub. The best layouts will always be the ones that allow you seamlessly go through your morning routines. 

Who will be using the bathroom?

Determining the answer to this question will help guide multiple areas of your bathroom renovation. If it is intended as a hall bath you can select a simple vanity with minimal storage. A child’s bathroom will need materials that are durable and easier to clean since we all know that children are susceptible to messes. For a master bathroom, upgrades are definitely an option as well as double vanities or double sinks. Additional storage should also be included in the plan. Aging in place should also be a factor in bathroom renovations and materials that are slip resistant are a good choice. Understanding the function of a bathroom can really help your designer assist you in selecting the one that is right for you.

Which bathroom fixtures are the best?

Many will agree that this is usually the fun part of the renovation and the most looked forward to as well. There are several things that should be considered. 

  • Is this your forever home?
  • Are you interested in a particular style or finish?
  • Is eco-friendly important to you?

With so many choices available to you, knowing the answers to this can help you and your designer narrow down your selections. If you want a more modern feel you can choose hardware and plumbing fixtures that are dark as well as some wall tile and even lighting. For more eco-friendly incorporate natural stone and wood tones. You can also match hardware and faucets if you want a more unified look for your bathroom. If this is a house flip then consider cheaper options on hardware and such. For more details check out HGTV’s article on bathroom renovations.

What is the best bathroom vanity size?

The vanity is one of the key components of a bathroom renovation, it makes the statement and can serve as not only your convenient hygiene station but additional storage space. There are multiple sizes available from the standard 36in for a single and 72in for a double but custom cabinets allow you to get exactly what you need. It is important to consider exactly what needs your vanity must provide for you such as:

  • Do you need a docking drawer for running your blow dryer?
  • Will you need deep drawers to store hygiene or hair products?
  • Are you looking to store extra towels and things in your vanity?
  • Do you want separate vanities for him and her?

Selecting the right vanity size is important and plays a vital role in the overall look and feel of the bathroom project. Be sure to talk with your designer about which elements are important and what are a must on your list.

Ready to start your bathroom renovation?

Choosing to go with Walker Woodworking means you not only get quality bathroom cabinets, you get exactly what you need. Whether that is a bathroom vanity with a special drawer built around the plumbing so you get the most out of your space or built-ins that give you more storage for linens and towels. Our experienced team has served hundreds of clients and assisted them in renovating their bathroom to perfection. We serve more than 15 counties between two states and are ready to help you renovate your bathroom giving you a space that is exactly right for you and your family.