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Designing a Master Bathroom

Functional yet stylish. That is the ideal goal for the master bathroom. It is the place we spend significant time in the morning getting ready or going to relax in the evening after a hard day at work. Taking time to select a layout and design style that are right for you is important. Here we answer some of the more common areas involved in designing the ideal master bathroom.

Bathroom layout

Layout matters since it controls the flow of the room as well as the area available to move around. When preparing to choose a layout, it helps to know what you want it to accommodate. Will you want a double sink or separate vanities?Are you looking for a shower-tub combo, one of each, or just one? Is it necessary for the bathroom to be wheelchair or walker accessible? Are there any windows or pony walls in the bathroom? Answering these questions will assist your designer in designing a layout that is perfect for your lifestyle. 

 Walk-in shower or tub

For years, homeowners utilized a shower-tub combo in their master bathrooms because it was a space saver plus more budget-friendly. In the last decade, however, there has been a shift in design as more are desiring to have the luxury of both. Because you can totally submerge yourself beneath the water in a soaker tub, it gives a peaceful sensation. It also lets you soothe those aching muscles and getprepared for a good night’s sleep. A walk-in shower is perfect for those hurried mornings or the need to shower quickly before dinner. The ease of stepping in and out is an added bonus. Talk to your designer about which one might be the better option or if there is room for both!

Bathroom vanity

The bathroom vanity, which is frequently the focus point, offers a variety of functions such as storage and function. It is a place where you may get ready for the day. It allows you to spread out the items you need, such as a hairbrush and make-up, so you can easily see everything. It also conceals the plumbing and can contain any additional lighting you require. Some may opt for a double vanity that runs the length of one wall while others prefer separate vanities so they can have their ndividual  spaces. Floating vanities have also gained popularity and are a beautiful choice for a more modern appearance. Browse places like Pinterest for more inspiration.

Bathroom lighting

Sufficient lighting is key to designing the perfect master bathroom, not just for beauty but safety as well. There are several ways to tastefully illuminate your bathroom. Wall sconces near the mirrors or installing lighted mirrors work well for putting on make-up and styling your hair. Tasked lighting can highlight the corners or areas where shadows like to gather, and recessed lighting can be a great option for walk-in showers. Be sure to work with any natural light you may have available as well as put something in place to make it easy to see during those nighttime trips to the bathroom. Good lighting prevents accidents and makes sure you can get everything done with ease.

Bathroom storage

Storage is important in every area of the home, including the master bathroom. This space in particular is vulnerable to clutter accumlation if there is nothing in place to prevent it. There are multiple small items like hair accessories, combs, lotions, and jewelry that can either be scattered or misplaced when there is a lack of storage. Drawers with dividers or even sliding trays work well for small items, while docking drawers offer the ideal storage for hair dryers and other larger items. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets work well for extra linens and paper products. Evaluate what needs to be in your master bathroom so your designer can craft the perfect solution.

Bathroom flooring

The bathroom is a place where condensation and even puddles can easily gather, so selecting the right flooring is important. Tile is often the ideal choice since it is simple to keep clean, is resistant to moisture, and is durable. Because it can also be a more slippery surface, it is critical to choose one that is slip resistant or, at the very least, place a rug outside of the shower or tub to lessen the risk of falling. Your designer can assist you in selecting the one that is both appropriate for you and visually appealing. 

Bathroom countertops

Over the years, designers have shifted their view of countertops. What once were only thought of as a work surface are now beautiful expressions of art and contrast. It is important to select one that is durable, but with so many options available, it is easy to find one that reflects your particular style. Deciding on what material to use is also critical. Many enjoy the feeling of luxury that natural stone countertopslike granite and marble offer. Keep in mind that they may need to be periodically sealed as well as a little more maintenance. Quartz also remains a top contender since it is durable and needs little maintenance plus it comes in a large selection of colors and styles. Your designer will be able to help you decide which will be best suited to your needs.

Bathroom colors

Color is a favorite design element and can make its way into the master bath in so many ways including:

  • Flooring
  • Vanity
  • Painting
  • Mirror frames
  • Wallpaper
  • Wood

Painting is an ideal way to add a splash of color to your bathroom. Painted cabinets are often another option utilized by designers, though they will pair them with a more neutral color palette for balance. Choosing a brass or black frame is an elegant way to pop a bit of color over the vanity and help it stand out. Selecting a fun pattern or even a vibrant color for your tile integrates color into the design in an often unique way. Don’t be afraid to explore different ideas to bring color into your master bathroom, after all, it should reflect you.

Aging in place

lIf you intend to stay in your house for as long as possible, it is a good idea to incorporate a few design elements that will allow you to age in place. Consider a broader plan that can accommodate a wheelchair or walker, as previously mentioned. Choose slip-resistant flooring with a flat transition from bedroom to bathroom.A walk-in shower with a place to sit would also be ideal, along with a step-in tub for easy access. Ample lighting is essential, as aremore drawers in your bathroom vanity design with pulls instead of knobs so you can open them easily. Be sure to mention this to your designer so they can help you select the things that are right for you, not just now but in the future.

Bathroom design for master bedroom

Renovating your bathroom is not something you want to do over and over again, which is why selecting the right design now matters. Share with your designer the styles you prefer, the colors you like, and the specific needs you have for this space. This helps them know exactly how to assist you in designing the perfect master bathroom for you.