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Custom Cabinets vs Manufactured Cabinets


  • Is custom worth the additional cost? 
  • Can’t I get the same look with manufactured cabinets? 
  • Why should I go with custom cabinets? 
  • What are the added benefits of choosing custom cabinets? 

These are some common questions we are asked. The differences between custom and manufactured cabinets extend beyond the price point. Here, we explain some of the basic contrasts so you can make an informed decision.

How they are made.

  • Our custom cabinets are made right here in North Carolina, where we can always monitor the product from start to finish. We try to source our wood from local suppliers, which helps other local businesses succeed. Choosing local wood can also lessen the impact on the environment. Learn more about how we make our cabinets here.
  • Manufactured cabinets are made in an assembly line and usually use particleboard and plywood as the primary materials. Glue and staples are often used to construct the cabinets, which can result in a lack of durability.

Design options

  • Custom cabinets mean custom options. Do you need a cabinet that fits neatly under the sink? Are you looking to have paneled appliances? How about a docking drawer in the bathroom where you can easily plug in a blow dryer or curling iron? Do you have a kitchen with an odd layout? We can help you with any of these needs and more. Custom means unique and tailored to your lifestyle, putting you in control of your project.
  • Manufactured cabinets can offer a variety of design options, including color, style, and size, but they are still limited by product availability and materials. If you have a standard kitchen, this may be a doable option. Don’t forget that you can mix and match. Choosing to add a custom piece that blends with your design is a great way to get the important custom options you need while remaining within your price point.


  • Because we still make our custom cabinets in our shop, we guarantee that they are of the highest quality. We proudly stand behind our product because we build with integrity. Each piece is inspected and branded with our emblem to show that it meets our standards. Read about some additional benefits to choosing custom cabinets. 
  • Factory-made does not mean it is bad, but it does mean manufactured cabinets can be more susceptible to flaws because of their quick turnaround and assembly line hazards. These can lead to a poor finished product that will not last as long as it should or withstand the daily wear and tear needed. 

Come see for yourself

We understand that our product is not for everyone but we assure you that if you choose Walker Woodworking you will not be disappointed. Owner and founder Travis Walker has built a business on quality products that have resulted in satisfied customers. Read some reviews to hear what past clients have said about our custom cabinets or visit our showroom to tour our displays, you might find the inspiration you have been looking for.