Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Creative Storage Solutions for the Kitchen

Multitasking has become an essential quality for many, we jot down a quick reminder note while sitting in a zoom meeting or answer an email on our phone as we are sitting in the bank drive through lane. If we were to describe one area in the home that can be defined as a multitasking space it would be the kitchen since everything from cooking to celebrating takes place there. Though being able to multitask is a good thing there are several elements that can either assist or hinder our ability to do it, one of which is organization. A lack of organization can quickly derail our multitasking efforts leaving us frustrated but when things have a dedicated place our to-do list can be checked off in no time. Organization is the key but sometimes knowing where to start and how to get it done can be the biggest challenges so let’s explore solutions to these and a few other common obstacles to having an organized kitchen.

Plan for organization

Planning is a crucial part of accomplishing any goal and organization is no exception. Take time to think through the tasks you will do in the kitchen. Will you do more baking than cooking? Do the kids come home after school and need easy access to simple snacks? Does your kitchen double as a homework station or dinner table? Is breakfast served every morning or is it just a place to grab a coffee or granola bar? These answers are important because they act as a guide to knowing what plan of action is needed plus what elements will be required to accomplish specific organizational goals in the kitchen. Space planning is another important ingredient for reorganizing your area since there can be barriers with both more or minimal square footage. Even though one would think that it is easier to organize a large kitchen it can still present its own set of challenges such as things spread out over a vast expanse making it hard to know what goes with what and poor use of the space you already have. In small kitchens, every inch matters which often requires some creative and out of the box thinking to maximize all available space. Forming a plan for organization can help ensure that your new space will be designed to fit your lifestyle with things in place to make having a place for everything a simple goal to achieve.

Declutter your kitchen

More often than not we have a surplus of stuff that is not as essential or important as we think which means it is time to declutter. Doing this allows you to take inventory of what you have which gives you a better understanding for planning your new space. Decluttering also comes with its own set of benefits such as:

  • Improved lifestyle
  • Wellness
  • Decreases stress

As kitchens usually are the center of the home they can be prone to clutter  that includes junk mail placed on the counter, backpacks dropped on the floor near the island, and dirty dishes that didn’t quite make it to the sink. Suddenly the heart of the home becomes uninviting and a cause for stress but with a little decluttering and organization it can be returned to its original purpose. Start by checking for duplicates, no one needs two crock pots and only a reasonable amount of coffee mugs. Keep your countertops clear, resist the temptation to lay junk mail on the nearest surface, rather throw it away and place bills or other important items in the office. Other items like the toaster and blender can be stored inside a cabinet instead of the countertop giving you more room to cook and leaving the area feeling open. Decluttering will help you have an organized kitchen that stays that way.

Organization for cabinets and drawers

Cabinets and drawers make up nearly all of your kitchen layout minus a few larger appliances and independent pieces you may choose to include. Even though they provide storage if not used correctly disorganization can still prevail leaving you frustrated and dreading to open any of them for fear of what may fall out. Implementing unique storage features can not only make it easier to organize it but also simpler to keep it that way. Placing dividers in your cabinets is a wonderful way to store items such as cookie sheets, trays, muffin tins, serving platters and even skillets. This means no more falling out every time the door is opened or digging for them in that drawer under the stove. Rollouts and pull outs are another excellent option for solving storage issues in the kitchen as they give you full access to your items but tuck away neatly when not in use. These custom options are a great benefit to you because they are built directly for you and the unique needs of your kitchen. Trash pull outs have also remained a popular feature in cabinets since it enables you to conveniently throw away your garbage but keeps it tucked away when guests are visiting. You can also have a double trash pull out that lets you have one for regular trash and one for recycling. Custom lets you go as detailed as you like even if that means a drawer fitted with K cup holders or slots designed for your collection of skillets. We recommend browsing places like Pinterest and Houzz to get inspiration for organization ideas before talking to your designer about which options would be best for your home.

Creative storage solutions for the kitchen

The kitchen should be a functional space that allows it to quickly and efficiently accommodate the many activities that take place throughout the day. Storage plays an essential part when designing for a kitchen and having it customized for you makes it even easier to stay on top of clutter and breeze through your morning routines. Some of these solutions or suggestions don’t facilitate a complete renovation, only a few upgrades to your current space. Taking the time to think through the purpose of your kitchen, evaluating the reasons it is not currently functional for you and your family, and forming a plan that can help you accomplish these needs will pump new life into the heart of your home. If you need guidance in any of these areas don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals, often their years of experience can assist you in setting and reaching your goals in a faster, less stressful amount of time. You deserve a home that not only looks great but integrates seamlessly into your life that you love coming home!