Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Cabinet Hardware: the finishing touch

You have selected your door style and color but something is missing, hardware. Cabinet hardware always adds the finishing touch to your design and the options are nearly endless. They also serve in a functional role as they protect the cabinets from the natural oils on our hands or any other dirt we may have from cooking and such. Hardware makes it easier to open and close both cabinets and drawers as well. No matter what style you are looking for or what finish you prefer, hardware companies offer a wide variety that is sure to match your project needs. Texture, pops of color, and visual interest all can be accomplished by using just the right hardware for a specific space. Including hardware in your project is something that you will want to discuss with your designer. Today we wanted to share some of our favorite brands that we represent and showcase some projects where they were used. 

Berenson hardware

For over 50 years, Berenson has delivered a broad range of styles and finishes that suit any number of design needs. Based in Buffalo, New York, Berenson is committed to excellence and takes pride in knowing how many of their products are in homes throughout the country. They are motivated by the joy a beautifully designed space gives to each individual. Berenson offers four different collections: 

  • Classic Comfort
  • Uptown Appeal
  • Timeless Charm
  • Artisan Inspired

Each collection is meant to match whatever vision you have whether that is traditional, contemporary, or something in between. The classic comfort series captures the modern-day trends that are blended with a touch of transitional to create beautiful hardware choices for you. The uptown appeal reflects the minimalist style with an emphasis on clean lines and uncluttered aesthetic. The timeless charm collection falls into a more traditional style with pieces that are warm and inviting. Craftsmanship and character are the primary focus in the artisan inspired collection with the pieces having a distinct flair. With such an extensive collection of hardware, you are sure to find a knob or pull that is exactly what you need to complete the look in your own home. You can browse through their collections here.

Top Knobs hardware

Considered one of the number one manufacturers of decorative knobs and cabinet pulls, Top Knob provides a sweeping selection of products that can be viewed in a large number of showrooms around the county. Each of their pieces has the quality look and feel of custom-made hardware but at an affordable price. Their collection is suitable for every area of the home, from the kitchen to a home office. Though they have the traditional finish options such as chrome, brass, and nickel, Top Knobs also offers some elegant finishes including old English copper, German bronze, and black iron. With so many options it can be hard to narrow down your choices which is why they offer a selection tool that assists you in finding your style. You can try it for yourself here. There is a large collection of hardware offered by Top Knobs with some of the new ones including Morris and Regent’s Park. The Morris collection draws inspiration from several styles such as farmhouse chic, modern industrial, and grand-millennial. It comes with five unique suites of knobs, pulls, and appliance pulls as well. Regent’s park is a more refined collection that is inspired by the royal grounds of London’s own Regent’s park. Whether you are looking for simple or sophisticated, Top Knobs has it all.

Belwith Keeler

Founded in 1893 with humble beginnings, Belwith Keeler has grown into a household name with 130 years of experience. Their reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and respect remains strong as they continue to produce award-winning hardware. Their desire is to create hardware that is reflective of their customers’ style while being functional at the same time. Drawing inspiration from all over the globe, their team works diligently to deliver the very best designs with impeccable quality. With their wide range of collections that include various finishes also comes in knobs and pulls making it easy to mix and match for your specific cabinet needs. Their elegant and captivating hardware pieces let you show and tell what matters to you when designing your own unique space.

Hardware Resources

One of the fastest growing cabinet hardware manufacturers in the United States, Hardware Resources is committed to high quality products that are on trend for every area in your home. Their decorative hardware comes in a variety of finishes both knobs and pulls allowing you to have full control over the function of each cabinet in your design. Richard is one of their newest hardware collections that combines a stately stepped profile and structured soft-square shape that results in a modernistic flair. This collection comes in several finishes as well as both knobs and pulls. Jeffrey Alexander, which is a branch from Hardware Resources, offers unique designs that blend with any decor style opening the door for more possibilities. 

Schaub Hardware

Service, quality, and unique designs are the three foundational values of Schaub, a company based out of Michigan but partnered with ASSA ABLOY of Stockholm, Sweden in 2010. Their partnership included a joint commitment to creating a company with sustainability as a central part of their business strategy. This has led to energy conservation and a healthier and safer work environment. Every piece from Schaub is created with passion and expert craftsmanship guaranteeing that your hardware is of the best quality and beauty. Schaub offers multiple collections that range in style from rustic to transitional which come in various finishes including bronze, brass, and pewter. They even offer unique cabinet hardware finishes such as satin nickel and matte white which can create a stunning contrast. Schaub is dedicated to delivering new and improved designs and style for the benefit of their customers and the elevation of their homes.

Atlas Hardware

With a team dedicated to creating decorative hardware that makes a difference in your home, Atlas hardware has been recognized by industry professionals and consumers as the go-to company to bring both fashion and style to the home. They are a part of the Top Knobs family as well. Atlas offers more than 20 different collections including Modern Avalon, Sweetbriar Lane, and Bronte which all blend seamlessly with any design style from contemporary to farmhouse. Some of the newest collections include Everitt, a more industrial vibe, which transforms your space from passe to cutting edge. The Atwood collection is more of a bold yet playful look while the Lennox collection focuses on clean curves and minimal form. They also offer finishes that are full of character and charm all their own such as Venetian bronze and aged bronze. Finding their inspiration from multiple sources, Atlas delivers a beautiful product every time.

Add the finishing touch

Cabinet hardware is a small but key component in creating the perfect space. It is beautiful and functional at the same time. Because of the many options now available, you are sure to find a piece that reflects your style and personality. Talk to your designer about looking at hardware samples for your upcoming project.