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4 Bathroom Essentials to include


Bathroom Essentials. Bathrooms are an important area of the home, especially at the start of your day, since it is the place where you get ready for work or begin your to-do list. Usually, as you go about your morning routine, little things happen that reveal your bathroom space is just not working for you, such as no counter space or room to move around properly. Designing a custom bathroom means you will get a functional space for you. While each bathroom will have something specific to the homeowner’s needs, some things should be included, such as essentials if you will. Over the years, we have helped so many clients design spaces just for them but also noticed things that were necessary for each, so we want to share our list of bathroom essentials with you.

Bathroom Essentials: Double sinks

Mornings can be very hectic as each person gets ready for the day. If you only have one sink, that means someone has to wait unless you can be super organized about time slots. By including a double sink as one of the bathroom essentials, you will save time and frustration. Plus, it means more counter space, which means everyone can have an area to put their items.

When deciding on a countertop, consider natural stone, as they are durable and give the space a unique look.

Bathroom Essentials: Layout

When you renovate your bathroom, it might be good to consider everything you do and what is most important. Do you want both a shower and a tub? Do you want the vanity away from the door or near the linen closet? How much space do you want to have so two people can quickly move around without bumping into each other? Mentally, go through what you do, and maybe write a list of some of the bathroom essentials so that when you talk to your designer, they can help create a layout that is perfect for you.

Bathroom Essentials: Sufficient Lighting

The standard lighting in most bathrooms is insufficient, making it difficult to do certain things such as make-up and hairstyling accurately. Adding sconces to the sides of the mirror can provide that extra burst of light. Pairing several lights together with the main general light gets rid of the shadows that tend to lurk in the corner and gives you the ability to see everything you need. One more benefit to multiple lights is the option of using selective ones. If you are only doing something quick, you can turn on one light to get what you need or have a soft light if you want to enjoy a relaxing bath. A new trend is developing with integrated LED lighting inside the mirrors. Lighting is definitely on the list of bathroom essentials. 

Bathroom Essentials: Storage

One area that can get overlooked is having enough storage for the things that you need. Drawers are considered bathroom essentials because that is where your hygiene items go; extra toiletries and hair dryers can be neatly tucked away but readily available. Floating vanities are also an option that allows for more storage underneath. Tall cabinets provide a place to store linens and taller items such as free-standing mirrors easily. Docking drawers can be incorporated into your designs well.  These are perfect for storage and power supply for hairdryers, flat irons, and more! Write a list of things you want to store in the bathroom and take it to the design meeting. See how we provided this homeowner with unique storage solutions for their bathroom.

Let’s get started

We are excited to help you create a bathroom design that is perfect for you and meets your exact needs. By sitting down one on one to go over the bathroom essentials and what specifics you need to include, we can ensure that you have a bathroom that is perfectly suited to your day-to-day routine meaning you can get in and out as quickly as you need. Browse our bathroom gallery to see how we have helped numerous clients get the bathroom they needed.