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Biophilia Interior Design

Our world is full of natural beauty, rich colors, and patterns galore so it is no surprise that it is becoming more and more the inspiration behind many new interior design products such as furniture, wallpaper, and lighting. More and more interior designers are looking to nature when creating a new space for their clients since a comfortable and healthy home is on the top of the list for most homebuyers today. Home is the place where we go to recharge and refuel for the next day, a good design can have a direct impact on these aspects. Biophilia is a term that has been steadily making its way into the design world and infiltrating the latest interior creations both commercial and residential alike. Discover more about this interesting style, how it is being implemented in design and how the trends are emerging throughout multiple industries.

What is Biophilia?

Biophilia was a term first coined by psychoanalyst Erich Fromm who used it to describe the idea of a passionate love of life and all that is alive. Over the years this concept has made its way into the home as more designers realized the benefits it had to offer their clients. As the majority of our time is spent indoors the need for nature has become apparent and while the go to solution was to add plants inside, biophilia is about much more than including additional greenery. Its ultimate goal is to provide you with a calming environment that nourishes both the mind and spirit. Lots of scientific research has been done to back this reasoning and change in the way we think of design. The range of imputing biophilia into your home is up to you, it can be through subtle ways such as pattern, texture, and color, or more obvious methods like increased natural light and plants. You can’t go wrong by seeking to bring a little, or a lot of nature inside, we were meant to benefit each other so what better way to help keep our family well than by inviting mother nature inside.

What is Biophilia interior design?

Our home is our sanctuary, a place set aside to be one of safety and security. The purpose of using biophilia in design is to mimic the many benefits nature gives us when we spend time outdoors. Designers are striving to bring the great outdoors into our personal doors, a place we were not necessarily intended to remain in 90% of the time but due to our structure is how many of us spend our days. This need has caused interior designers to find ways to give our bodies what it needs yet still blends with our lifestyle demands. There are both direct and indirect ways to bring nature inside. Direct ways include plants, water, and light while indirect can be done through artwork that features nature, organic materials such as wood and stone, and of course borrowing from nature’s color palette. Simply put, Biophilia interior design looks to nature to spark a design style or sketch in order to give you the best environment to live and work in.

Adding plants in the home

When you think of bringing nature inside, your mind automatically goes to more plants. While we would not recommend turning every area of the home into a miniature greenhouse, a few plants can yield your family tremendous benefits including:

  • Cleaning the air
  • Less stress
  • Increase in productivity

Since they come in so many sizes and varying colors, having plants throughout your home can help with wellness for everyone. It is a known fact that plants purify the air and as we have increased the amount of time at home this has enormous benefits for everyone. In addition, many now work more from home and placing a few plants in your home office can help ease the eye strain by taking a break and admiring the greenery. The color green is also associated with calming the mind down and abating mental fatigue. Choosing to purchase some greenery for your home could give you multiple benefits though we want to recommend speaking with nursery professionals before selecting plants if you have pets as some are toxic when ingested. Again, surrounding yourself with things that can increase your wellness is a great investment.

Outdoor living

Outdoor spaces have been growing in popularity over the last few years. They allow you to have a space where you can enjoy the fresh air, the warm sun, the pleasant views only nature can create, and calm your mind after a stressful day. An outdoor space can take on many shapes, it can be a small patio that has several plants, a couple of chairs and maybe even a simple screen to keep out the bugs and allows you to sip your favorite beverage. It can be a full deck with an outdoor kitchen that enables you to cook outside and eat meals with the family while enjoying those cool spring or fall evenings. Having a place to escape from the four walls of your home means your body can just sit back and soak up everything nature has to offer. When looking for ways to turn your home into a place of calm, look outside.

Let nature inspire your design

Nature has a way to destress us in a way nothing else can, which is why so many manufacturers are drawing from the outdoors when designing products intended for the inside. If you want to try utilizing some biophilia design tricks in your home, consider putting these on your list.

  • Wood: whether the real thing or simply wood tones, both are getting popular and being integrated into more elements such as light fixtures, hardware, and even tile. Even the pattern of wood grain draws you back to a natural feel
  • Light: If your space cannot be expanded, think about placing larger windows or door frames, both allow more light inside making it brighter and bigger. If you can’t look at additional lights for the areas you are renovating.
  • Color: blues, greens, and neutrals like white and beige are all good color choices for multiple areas in the homes but especially work related spaces such as office and school work along with rest areas like the family and living rooms.

Interior design plays a key role in the atmosphere of your home and biophilia only seeks to bring the very best elements together for the perfect environment. Speak to your designer about using the principles of biophilia to create your new space and feel free to browse places like Pinterest and HGTV for more inspiration.

Is Biophilia design for you?

We love the looks nature inspires and the way it creates stunning cabinet design for our clients homes. Our design team is ready to help you create the perfect layout for your home that functions well and provides a welcoming environment for everyone. Connect with us today and let’s get started on your home today, we serve over 15 counties in both North and South Carolina.