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An Efficient Laundry Room

While the laundry room is not the most visited room in the house, it certainly plays a vital role in keeping the home clean and neat for everyone who lives there. Though no one enjoys the task of sorting, washing, and drying laundry, it is a necessary chore and with the average family of four doing up to ten loads of laundry a week it is safe to say that this space should be well designed. Over the years the laundry room has also evolved into a multifunctional storage area for cleaning supplies, paper products, sports gear, and overflow from the kitchen. This makes sense as it tends to be in a central location that is easily accessible to all but it increases the need for efficient storage design and layout. Here are four ways to efficiently design the hardest working room in the home.

Streamline supplies

The laundry room tends to be a magnet for collecting a wide variety of things due to the varying tasks that are accomplished in it. Inevitably this leads to a pile up of detergents, stain removers, and other cleaning supplies which can create stress for you. Here are some helpful tips to streamline your laundry space and eliminate the piles.

  • Minimize: try to limit the amount of detergent and cleaning supplies you store, especially if you have multiples of each. Downsizing the number you have lessens the likelihood of clutter later on.
  • Section off: keep similar items together such as cleaning supplies, detergents, paper products, etc.
  • Keep the floor clear: no one wants to stumble over piles of clothes whether dirty or clean, plan on having baskets or hooks where items can be placed keeping your pathway clear at all times.

One great way to create a plan that works best for you is to do a mental walk through of your day. Consider what time of day you do your laundry and does it conflict with other activities that occupy this space such as the kids coming home from practice and they need to put their equipment somewhere? Do multiple members of the household use this space and have their own particular detergents and things that they use? Taking time to factor these things in will help you streamline your supplies and layout giving you an effective space.


When it comes to storage, built-ins can be one of the most beneficial assets to your laundry room because they allow you to store larger items while keeping everything looking great. They also give you a variety for depth meaning you can use it for a range of items. It also helps keep things organized and can even be used to separate items by individual or usage which eliminates time spent looking for something and making it easy to have a place for everything. Talk to your designer about incorporating built-ins to your laundry room layout. Check out some of these beautiful designs featured by HGTV.

Use every inch

The majority of laundry rooms do not possess an abundance of space making it important to maximize what space is available. There are so many wonderful tools and layout options available to help you create the efficient space you need including:

  • Overhead spaces: utilizing the overhead space above the washer and dryer for items related specifically cleaning. Installing cabinets or open built-ins provide you with great storage, but choosing to include a hanging rod you can also place delicate clothes that need to be air dried.
  • Tight spaces: if you have a washer and dryer that are side by side there tends to be a small gap either between the two or by the wall. Both are ideal for storing small or tall items like brooms and mops. Adding a narrow rolling basket is another great way to keep needed items like dryer sheets and stain removers accessible but neatly tucked away when not in use.
  • Pedestals: choosing to place your washer and dryer in an elevated position provides you with valuable space that can be used to store items like sports uniforms or extra blankets. A drawer is ideal as it allows you to roll it out with ease.
  • Wall space: sometimes the most obvious storage space is the one overlooked. Your walls provide you with multiple ways to gain extra storage space such as peg boards, hooks, and shelving. Each allows you to keep certain items within reach or place things that you use on a regular basis with ease. The wall can be used from top to bottom by putting your most used things on eye level with the rest being stored above or below.

An effective laundry room is one with sufficient storage and you can achieve this by taking the space you have and using it to the fullest. Here are a few additional organization hacks recommended by Good Housekeeping.

Lighten it up

It’s no secret that the laundry room often has the least appeal for homeowners but there are a few things you can do to take it from dreary to cheery. Light and color are the key elements that can accomplish this for you.

Color is a wonderful way to lighten up the laundry room. Blue tends to be a favorite color choice because it is such a calming color while at the same time creating a stunning effect when used as a contrast. There are plenty of ways to use color to cheer up your space:

  • Accent wall: pair it with some reclaimed wood or floating shelves.
  • Backsplash: white, color, or pattern.
  • Artwork: large or small, it can bring a little you into the design.
  • Appliance color: who says the washer and dryer have to be white?

Color has a direct impact on the mood so why not use it to send fun and cozy vibes into the laundry room making it a pleasant experience.

Lights are critical for any area in the home and the laundry room is no exception. From scrubbing stains to folding clothes you need to have sufficient lighting to handle the many tasks. While natural light is always the best option it is not always possible plus if you do laundry after dark you definitely need to see what you are doing. There are multiple lighting options that can be paired together or used individually. 

  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Hanging lighting
  • Drum lighting
  • Track lighting

How much and what type of lighting you need will depend on the size of your laundry room but be sure to talk it through with your designer when creating your layout. For more ideas on lighting options for your laundry room or to learn more about the different types available, read an article by the decorated life.

Are you ready for an efficient laundry room?

Doing the laundry is an essential part of any home but it doesn’t have to be a boring, cluttered space. You deserve a space that enables you to get those mandatory chores done in an efficient way and that begins with a layout that is functional. It also should have a spark of fun and style too. With over 20 years of experience, our design team is ready to help you create an efficient laundry room that will meet your needs and match your style. Contact us to plan a project together.