Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

4 Ways to Maximize Storage in the Home

We have all faced it at one time or another, too much stuff and not enough space. While many will say that it’s a sign to shed some possessions, there are times when what you have is what you need and can’t be shed. Often homes have much more space than we realize it just takes some rethinking and rearranging to maximize what you already have. Here we share four ways to get the most out of your home without making any unwanted donations or preparing for a yard sale. 


For most this is seen as the way of going up and down between levels but there is a lot of wasted space tucked midway of your floors, space that can be used for a number of things such as:

  • Book case: if you love to read but are lacking space the stairs offer a great place to display your treasures and still keep everything looking clean and orderly.
  • Closet: the stairs are the best place for adding an additional closet, one that can store the bulky items such as winter coats and sports gear.
  • Wine room: have you been wanting a small wine room but just don’t have the room? Your stairs are the perfect solution to this because they give enough space to elegantly display your wine collection.

The stairs are the perfect place to gain that extra storage needed but still keep the house from feeling cluttered or messy.


When looking for additional storage space consider your walls. Built-ins are a great way to utilize the wall for storage solutions. Adding a few with cabinet doors means you can also store larger items neatly and out of sight. They are also beneficial for keeping things organized such as board games, or craft supplies. Because custom built-ins can be designed to fit in any number of spaces they are sure to give you the amount of storage you’ve been looking for while staying true to the design of the area.


Whether floating or regular, shelves are perfect for capitalizing on vertical space. When you can’t go out, go up. Sometimes it is not possible to make more room in the area by going out, but you can go up sometimes and shelves are the perfect solution. They allow you to store things within reach but keep the main area free of clutter. Floating shelves have become a popular feature in the kitchen as they look stylish plus allow you to put your favorite cookbook within easy reach or your family photo nearby. They are also great for craft rooms, the home office or laundry room. A few helpful tips include keeping things in bins that can be easily transported and keep the items light so it’s not hard to get up and down from the shelf.


These areas create a valuable piece of real estate in the home and are not an expensive add on to the home. Not only do they take care of the shoes, coats, and backpacks as a drop off location but they also create the perfect spot to have little customized cubbies for each family member’s unique needs including a charging station for the electronics. Mudrooms allow you to store the necessary items used each day in an orderly way while remaining within easy access and freeing the hallway of unnecessary clutter or piles. They can also go in multiple areas of the home such as the laundry room and entryway. Talk to your designer about designing a custom mudroom in your home.

Let’s maximize that space

Your home is a place that is meant to hold all that you need and value but sometimes we need a little assistance to make the most of our space. Our designers have years of experience and knowledge designing the extra space clients need with the square footage they have. Call us to schedule an appointment to begin your journey to a functional home.