Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Wood and White – the Perfect Combination

We will be the first to admit it, wood is kinda our thing, after all we have been lovingly crafting cabinets, shelves, desks, and more for over 20 years. It is a delight to watch individual pieces come together to form a beautiful new cabinet or hutch. Wood naturally has a stunning look that adds elegance and style wherever it is placed. It also makes a great complement to many other materials such as metal. We have had multiple clients ask us to blend wood and metal into a design and the results have been nothing short of amazing, in fact some would say they are a match made in heaven. 


Balance is a key element to any design, it helps create a look that is both inviting and comfortable. It is also something we crave, almost unknowingly, which is why we love to pair certain elements together that we know have proven to work well as a team. Wood and metal have never failed to disappoint whenever they are matched. The warmth of the wood and the strength of the metal equal a perfectly balanced design that leaves you in awe. There are many ways to pair them such as a live edge dining room table with metal legs. Cabinets with metal hardware, especially dark hardware. Shelves with metal brackets. Lights with metal and wood frames. This coupling of two individually beautiful elements always makes the perfect combination. Wood and metal create balance that leaves the eye satisfied when looking at a completed project or design. Check out more reasons why it is a great combination in this article by HuffPost Life.


Nature is a source of inspiration for many designers, especially those in the home and it has only continued to gain ground over the last decade in the form of biophilia design. It draws much of its concepts from nature such as the soft curves and stimulating patterns. Wood and metal are the perfect combination of some of nature’s finest. The grain of wood is a beautiful work of art on it’s own, each piece is unique and comes together to form a design that is exclusive to itself. That is what makes our work so elegant and provides character to everything we do. It would be impossible to try and replicate any piece we do exactly because of the unique look of it all. While metal tends to retain a similar look, that very characteristic makes it exactly the right partner with wood, the diversity of the wood mixed with the stability of the metal forms the perfect yin and yang in the final product. Some would even say that the two form a masculine and femanine pairing that can’t be beat. Each alone has strengths to give but together they are absolutely solid. Our clients have always enjoyed the end results of their project and often fawned over the wood and metal pieces and we might do it too.


People often say that things are not made the way they used to be and we can understand that as we have seen the quality of things decline. Durability is something that our clients look for, they want to know that the cabinets they order or the desk they had custom made for them will last. Wood and metal are among the most durable materials you can find, they are both strong and made to last for a long time which is what our clients love. When paired together you have created something that is nearly invincible. Our dining room tables made from live edge slabs have metal legs that result in a table that can endure even the rowdiest of game nights and easily hold up enough food to feed an army. Our promise to our clients is a product that lasts and that begins by selecting materials that are right for the job which is why we often pair wood and metal together. We know that there are no two finer materials that will give our clients the durability they need and deserve.


Wood and metal are not just durable materials that have nature in common, they are also among the prettiest in interior design. They can give you a modern industrial feel or even contemporary look. As we said earlier, they can be paired up in multiple ways that result in winning looks every time. Both materials are functional and stylish at the same time plus their warmth and strength give the room a look of perfection. A large kitchen island can be paired with metal bar stools making a bold, strong statement. Wood has both texture and pattern while metal has that smoothness and elegance. No other elements pair so well together and can be used in such versatile ways to give multiple looks to a room. They are often found in the kitchen and bathrooms but they work well for living rooms and offices too. 

Wood and Metal – a perfect combination

If you are looking for a combination that can stand the test of time, has the best of what nature has to offer, and will look great wherever you put it, then wood and metal is your winning combination. We absolutely love working with it and our clients love the results every time. This pairing can take your design to the next level and give you a look that will wow your guests every time. It is both stylish and sturdy which means selecting these materials will ensure that your final project will be ready to handle anything. Connect with us to schedule a design meeting with one of our experienced team members who will be happy to assist you in creating a look that will make you smile every time.