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What are the Best Bathroom Vanities?

The bathroom takes center stage during your morning routine. It is where you go to make sure you look and smell great plus it is where all your important hygiene items are stored. There is one piece that tends to take center stage and that is the bathroom vanity. It maximizes storage, reflects your style, and usually makes the biggest statement. With so much riding on it it can be difficult to narrow down your choice. How do you know which one will work for you in the space you have or help you maximize your bathroom? After more than 20 years of working with hundreds of clients we have learned a few things about bathroom vanities so let’s unpack some of the basics and help you know is the best bathroom vanity for you.

Bathroom vanity dimensions

Size is important and can be influenced by the layout and need of the bathroom. 36 inches wide is a standard size for single sink vanities while 60 and 72 inches is standard for double sinks. Height is another important element to factor in when selecting a bathroom vanity. Consider who will be using it most, children need one that is easy for them to reach while taller adults might need something a little higher than standard. Floating vanities are a great option for those who are above average height since they can be adjusted to suit your needs. When designing a guest bath or a small hall bathroom, consider choosing a vanity that is more narrow such as a 24in or even smaller to allow plenty of room to walk in and out. Choosing a custom bathroom vanity means you get exactly what you need to maximize space and function for your unique lifestyle. You have your own hygienic routine which means you need a vanity that accommodates that perfectly. Our expert team has helped so many clients design the bathroom vanity of their dreams.

Bathroom vanity countertops

Countertops tend to be one of the most used elements of the bathroom vanity besides right after the faucet. It is the workspace where all your items land at one point or another. From toothpaste to hairbrushes, this is the spot where you lay everything out so you can reach it easily. This means that the material needs to be durable to handle all the wear and tear. Options have expanded in the last two decades to include granite, marble, and even more unique choices such as concrete and stainless steel. With so many options it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. We will share the top three options that many of our clients often decide to go with.

  • Quartz: This is a popular choice because it is resistant to stains and durable making it a favorite in family bathrooms. Coming in a variety of colors means it can compliment multiple designs and integrate into a number of styles.
  • Ceramic: Porcelain, ceramic, and even glass fall into this category and for many years it was a traditional choice for the bathroom vanity counter. Ceramic is similar to stone because it is non-porous meaning easy maintenance. Porcelain is the countertop choice in Europe because it is also easy to keep clean and resistant to stains.  
  • Natural stone: If you are looking for a more eco-friendly choice then this is the category for you which includes granite, marble, and slate. These counters require a seal, sometimes yearly which means a little more maintenance. Because of it’s natural and often unique beauty this option gives a luxurious feel to the bathroom.

Countertops are an important decision and need to match your lifestyle needs, talk to a designer to go over the best option for you. Find out some of the pros and cons of bathroom countertops here.

Bathroom vanity mirrors

While countertops are the most used element in the bathroom, a mirror could be considered the most needed, after all how else would you know about that toothpaste stain? It is also a beautiful addition to the space and enhances it. There are plenty of styles and sizes to suit whatever your design choice that typically fall into these categories:

  • Shape: from square to round and everything in between, this is a great way to add some elegance and even a little of you into the design.
  • Storage: if there are items that you want to have readily available such as medicine, eye drops, or even hair accessories, having a mirror that doubles as storage is a plus.
  • Shine: getting ready in the morning is not always easy and added light can provide the missing ingredient to a good routine. LED light strips are one great option.

Another thing to consider is number, does your bathroom require more than one mirror? If you have a double sink you can opt for one long mirror or have two individual mirrors. Both are good choices, it ultimately depends on your personal preference and the look you are trying to achieve.

Bathroom vanity design

The vanity is usually the focal point of the bathroom making the design and selection important. Whether in a small powder room or full guest suite, a vanity makes a statement. Proper thought should be given to your specific routines and storage needs so you can design around these specific needs. There are of course some things that are considered essential no matter the space or style, so what are they?

  • Drawers: from small hygienic items to hairdryers, drawers are a must with a bathroom vanity. They allow you to have easy access to your things but keep the counter looking clean and clutter free. Consider multiple depths and widths to accommodate different items and objects.
  • Sufficient counter space: if you tend to use several things at once when getting ready in the morning or evening, it is a good idea to include a counter that lets you lay everything out for you to see and use. 
  • Light: the bathroom is where all the little details happen when preparing for the day which means there should be sufficient light that comes from multiple angles. Natural light from the window, sconces and LED strips in the mirror are great ways to incorporate enough light no matter what time of day it is.

The bathroom vanity plays a key role in your routine so be sure to talk with your designer so you can select the one that is perfect for you and your needs. Check out HGTV’s guide to selecting a bathroom vanity.

Bathroom vanity sinks

No vanity would be complete without a sink but which one is right for you? How do you pick the right sink for your bathroom? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Size: there are many beautiful sinks with varying widths and depths but the size of your vanity will determine your limit. Don’t forget to include the height of your facet as well. Combine both when wanting to know how tall everything will be in the end.
  • Material: metal and ceramic make good choices for material and don’t stain plus are easy maintenance. 
  • Shape: there are so many more options then the undermount sink including drop-in and vessel. It is a beautiful way to add elegance and a unique twist to your bathroom and even a splash of color.

The sink serves a functional role but that does not mean it has to be ordinary. Talk to your designer about some of the options available to you and even take some time to browse Pinterest for inspiration.

Ready to design your bathroom vanity?

A bathroom vanity is a great way to add some change to your bathroom without doing a complete remodel. You can gain the storage and functionality you need while updating your space to suit your routine. Come visit our showroom and talk to our designers to create the best bathroom vanity for you and your home.