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What are Laundry Room Essentials?

The laundry room is not just the place where clothes are washed, dried, and folded. It tends to also be where the kid’s sports gear is stored, the extra cleaning supplies are kept along with the bug spray and even pet food. If it is located near the kitchen it can also become the overflow pantry. A multi-functional space such as this means there are certain things that need to be included when designing it. Today we are going to talk about what needs to be on your list of laundry room essentials.

Storage in the Laundry Room

The number one item on the list of essentials is storage. The laundry room has evolved to more than just a wash area and storage is key to maximizing space. Here are some of our best tips for getting the most out of your space.

  • A blend of open and closed cabinetry: adding some open cabinets to your laundry room allows you to keep the things you use most within easy reach such as laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. You can store them in bins that keep them out of sight but in reach.
  • Don’t forget about those walls. There is so much additional storage around the perimeter. Add some floating shelves or even some decorative hooks to hold those little items such as a small bin to collect the little surprises found in pockets or even a piggy bank for all those coins that turn up.
  • Stack the units. By stacking your washer and dryer you can get much more space out of a smaller laundry room that can be utilized for storing those bigger items.
  • Built-ins are another great way to have storage with class. Custom built-ins that will match your existing cabinets keep the design unified and multi-functional.

Your laundry room has more space for storage than you may realize and by adding these simple things you can get the most out of it.

Folding area

We all know that washing and drying is just half the battle. If left with a pile of clean clothes to put away, kids will inevitably forget about them and mix them in with the dirty. This means that the best way to avoid double laundry is to fold it before it leaves the room. We recommend including a counter space that allows you to fold all the laundry easily. A countertop means you can easily fold at your comfort level either standing or sitting. Be sure to talk to your designer about including this into your design.

Sink in Laundry Room

It was an accident, but their little sleeve is still covered in ketchup or maybe they slipped and landed in the mud. Either way, their clothes will have to be rinsed and treated before going into the wash. A sink is a must for the laundry room because it avoids any more messes by running with the wet clothes to the laundry room leaving a trail of watery suds behind. Consider incorporating a sink, even a small one, into your laundry room renovation, it is one of the best decisions you will make and your wife will thank you.

Little extras

Laundry is probably the least favorite chore in the house next to cleaning the oven. Here is our list of little extras that can make it easier to take care of your family’s necessities. 

  • Rolling hampers. Sorting laundry by light, dark, and everything in between can be hard especially when you have a large family but when you have rolling hampers the task gets easier. Instead of lugging and shoving those baskets around consider getting one on wheels.
  • Hanging racks. There is always something in the wash that can’t be put in the dryer. By having a hanging rack nearby you can always know where to hang it. There are some that can be attached to the wall, pulled down when you need it, and laid flat again.
  • Extra baskets. Large decorative baskets can provide you with a great place to store extra blankets or even sports equipment while keeping everything looking great.
  • Ironing board. It is a given that washing equals ironing and what better place to do it all then the laundry room. Instead of keeping it in another closet consider having a special spot just for it, one near a plug for the iron would be great.

Adding a few little extras to your laundry room can help make this space an efficient area.

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Ready, wash, dry

If you are ready to give your laundry room a much-needed update consider stopping by our showroom where we can give you a tour of the many options available to you. No matter the area’s size we can help you create a space that meets all your needs. Be sure to bring your inspiration photos along when you come.