Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Top Custom Features

Our area of expertise has been custom cabinetry since 1999. We take satisfaction in each job we complete and enjoy turning an idea on paper into a fresh and functional area. Though our skilled team of woodworkers can do just about anything, a few items tend to appear more frequently in each project we complete. Let’s discuss some of the top custom features for cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom.

U-shaped drawers

Utilizing every available space on a bathroom vanity is essential. Though we can’t move the plumbing under the sink, we can custom-build U-shaped drawers that work around them. Homeowners enjoy this feature as it provides useable storage under the sink instead of the often wasted space. U-shaped drawers let you stay organized and have easy access to items instead of having to pull everything out to find one thing. Depending on the layout of the plumbing, you can have two U-shaped drawers or combine one with a standard one for maximum space.

Docking drawer

Another favorite custom feature in bathroom vanities is the docking drawer. They allow you to store your favorite items, like a hair dryer, and plug them in. It can help keep your counter clear and keep everything in one place. These wonderful drawers are not limited to the bathroom either; they can also be used in the kitchen. They make perfect charging stations, but in a discreet way since you can close them while your devices are recharging. Learn more about them in this blog post.

Utensil pull-out

Has this happened to you? Right in the middle of making dinner, you realize the utensil you need is in the drawer across from you. Not anymore. Homeowners enjoy having a utensil pull-out next to the stove so the item they need is within easy reach. It is also perfect for keeping it all organized and the countertop clear. Various sizes fit neatly away, and they are easy to find immediately. Typically, there is also room for a shelf underneath to store additional items like spices or dry ingredients. Utensil pull-outs give you one less step when making a meal, another reason homeowners like them.

Peg drawers

 Dishes come in a variety of sizes in every kitchen. Bowls, dinner, and dessert dishes are needed, but storing them can be difficult. Keeping them in the cabinet works well until they have to be stacked on top of each other and are difficult to remove. Peg drawers alleviate all of that by neatly keeping them conveniently tucked away and organized by size. The moveable pegs mean you can repeatedly adjust and accommodate any size dish or bowl. Lifting them out of a drawer is also easier for every family member y and is a great aging-in-place option.

Tray dividers

Having a custom cabinet made especially for storing items like muffin pans and cookie sheets is excellent for people who enjoy baking. No more struggling to find what you need in that drawer at the bottom of the stove or keeping the overflow stored away. Tray dividers make it simple to store and sort each of your trays and even large serving platters with ease. They can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, in an upper cabinet, or the island. Everyone will soon choose this cabinet as their favorite. 

Roll-out pantry drawers

Pantries are a critical component of any kitchen. They provide storage for food items, specialty dishes, and paper products. However, the number of items can make it challenging to find them, but roll-out drawers can help you keep everything organized and avoid having to pull out everything to find one thing. These drawers can be customized to any size and depth, working with any pantry size. They can also be incorporated into kitchen cabinets and used for storing pots, pans, dishes, and more. Roll-out drawers are a versatile piece of custom cabinetry you don’t want to miss out on.

Panel appliance

Appliances are a part of the kitchen, but that does not mean they must be evident to the eye. Paneled appliances convey mounting a cabinet front over dishwashers and refrigerators. This seamlessly blends the cabinets into one aesthetically pleasing look and is a favorite custom feature in kitchens. *You will need to order panel-ready appliances for this custom feature to work. 

Blind corner

Corner cabinets are a part of kitchen design, but sometimes, they can be wasted space since half are usually hidden. Utilizing a blind corner, or Lemans, as they are referred to, is a great way to maximize space. Typically, blind corners are used to store items such as pots and pans or larger appliances like crockpots. They are within easy reach but neatly stored away when not needed. Blind corners are an excellent option for maximizing every square inch of your kitchen layout.

Double drawer

Drawers are a terrific addition to any room in the house and can hold a wide range of objects thanks to their varied sizes. They are also excellent for organization, mainly when doubled. Double drawers have a second drawer inside, adding a layer of storage. This enables you to distinguish between clean goods and towels or jewelry. Additionally, it offers additional space for the same square footage. They work well in kitchens for cutting boards and silverware but are perfect for bathroom vanities. Ask your designer if adding one or two double drawers to your project will be beneficial.

Spice pull-out drawer

Spices are woven into every dish we make, so storing them in a convenient area is a must. For years, they were held in the small cabinet above the stove, on a spice rack, or in a nearby cabinet. None of these options were ideal, but now there are new options. A pull-out drawer by the stove is lovely, as there tends to be a narrow space that is the perfect width for a spice pull-out. Some designers have also created a drawer with slants that let the containers of spices simply lean. Both options make it easy to grab and cook during dinner prep. When designing a kitchen, keep this idea on the table.

Silverware divider

The silverware drawer can become a disaster if there is nothing to separate each item, so the divider is a popular option for kitchen drawers. Ours are removable, so you can easily clean out the dirt and crumbs that can gather inside.

Top custom features

Custom cabinets are more than just tailor-made to your space. They contain features that allow you to function better in your daily routines. This has been our goal since we started, and we remain committed to producing the best in cabinet design. Selecting these custom features for your new project also ensures you get the most out of your renovated space and guarantees that it will look amazing.