October 2021 Newsletter

I love pattern play; I love color, to me the more multilayered an interior is, the more interesting, the more successful it is. – Shelia Bridges

Design cannot be narrowed down to just one element, it is a combination of so many things like pattern, texture, and color. Together they can tell your story and transform your house into a home. Layering is another great element for creating a design that draws you in and is something we love assisting our clients with in their own home. A successful design is one that speaks to you and makes you feel completely at home.

In this issue:

  • A black island and light blue cabinets create a stunning look for this log cabin home
  • Check out our newest project rendering video
  • It’s National Kitchen and Bath month – learn how we are celebrating.
  • Get tips on designing a home with emphasis on safety and wellness.
  • Which four areas of the home have seen the most changes?