Mahogany Wainscoting Office Project

This unique project came to Walker Woodworking by way of the architect.  We worked diligently with the architect, the general contractor as well as the homeowner to achieve this fabulous study – office.

Job Specifics: the design was originally drawn to replicate the homeowner’s previous office in New Jersey, and designed specifically to house some of his artwork.

  • Wood Type:  Mahogany
  • Finish: Traditional Mahogany Stain
  • Build Method: Beaded Inset
  • Special features:  LED lights in the upper corner cabinets.  The trim is precisely measured to be even around the entire room.  8 inch spacing from window case to panel was also important in this design.  A bullnose 1 ¼” wood top.

The rich luster of the stain and the wood made this study absolutely stunning!