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Kitchen Prep Zones

Since the kitchen is considered the heart of the home it should come as no surprise that we spend nearly seventy percent of our time there. Everyone loves the kitchen especially since there are so many delicious things created in this space like sweets and comfort foods. With so much traffic, however, and everyone doing something different, things can get a little tight as so many are trying to do different tasks. That’s where kitchen prep zones can help out. Learn more about what a kitchen prep zone is and how it can benefit you in your home.

What are kitchen prep zones?

These are designated areas in the kitchen that serve a unique purpose or function. Because everything you need is right there it saves time and allows several people to do multiple tasks in the kitchen. The main goal is to create multiple zones within a layout while creating a unified space. Read what Houzz has to say about kitchen prep zones.


Is there a baker in the family? Someone who loves to delight everyone with amazing desserts? A bake zone can help create a unique space in the kitchen that provides all that is needed in one area. Pans, mixing bowls, baking supplies, and appliances are all kept neatly together within easy reach. Designing a custom baking space eliminates the usual kitchen run-ins and results in sweet treats being made with less complication.


Tired of running all over your kitchen just to find the supplies you need to make a meal for the family? A cooking zone could eliminate so much wasted time by bringing it all together. Create a space where the spices, cooking pans and utensils, and serving bowls are all located in the same area. Less time spent gathering all the needed items for dinner means dinner will be served faster meaning you can be with the family longer. 

Specialty zones

Sometimes what is needed is a specialty zone that cannot be contaminated by other items or cooked with certain foods. Kosher kitchens have strict requirements regarding food preparation, for instance, meat and dairy products must be kept and prepared separately. It is also customary to have two sinks, two ovens, and two sets of dishes. By having zones dedicated to each group there will be no contamination and each is stocked with the needed prep items.

Just what you have needed

At Walker Woodworking we understand the need for personal space, it is what keeps things going smoothly and efficiently. Because we specialize in custom, your only limit is your imagination. We proudly service more than twelve counties including Mecklenburg, Henderson, Buncombe, Spartanburg, Greenville, and Catawba but are not limited to these. Browse our gallery to view some of the kitchens we have already done. What kitchen prep zones have you been dreaming about? Give us a call and let us help you bring it to life.