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Kitchen Cabinet Colors Trends for 2022

A new year means a new opportunity to not just set goals for yourself but your home as well. If upgrading your kitchen or completing renovating it is one of your home goals for this year you need to know about current cabinet color trends for 2022. While you never have to choose what’s trending, it is helpful to know what is popular in case you decide to sell in the next couple of years or are looking for inspiration. The kitchen is the heart of the home and color plays a big part in the atmosphere since it can influence our mood. The kitchen cabinets make up the largest part in the space making a good color choice for you critical as you will be looking at it for some time. 2022 has some unique color choices trending along with some new twists on old classics. Let’s explore them together in this post.

Bold cabinet color choices 

For years the standard color choices for the kitchen have included white, gray, and wood tones. Slowly pops of color began to make their way into the mix such as a dark kitchen island against white perimeter cabinets. Trend forecasts for 2022 tell us that bold colors are on the rise and the selection is broadening to include green and even plum purples as well as the regular choices such as black. One unexpected color choice was announced by Sherwin Williams this year, the color red which seems to be trending as a cabinet color option. There are several reasons why bold color are a great choice for your kitchen cabinets including:

  • Encourages communication between you and your guests.
  • Positively impacts the atmosphere
  • Stimulates the appetite

Bold colors allow us to make a statement, create visual interest, and add depth to a space. It influences the atmosphere of the kitchen which means it matters because this is the heart of the home, the place everyone gathers to enjoy delicious meals and celebrate achievements. A bold cabinet color choice can help make your guests feel welcome and encourage communication. The color red is known to stimulate the appetite, no wonder it is the number one choice for food logos, and can be a great option for the kitchen. Bold colors are a fun way to shake up the traditional and put more of you into the space. If you want to create something different, bold color choices for your kitchen cabinets is the place to start.

Dark wood for kitchen cabinet color

Wood is a beautiful choice for kitchen cabinets, one that has remained a consistent option but what has shifted is the wood species and stain selections. Rich, dark stains are trending in 2022 and it’s understandable, they complement multiple design styles and pair well with any number of color choices. Oak has endured as a wood choice for kitchen cabinets but homeowners are now looking to make a statement through darker stains. It is a stain that speaks to those with a no-nonsense attitude, giving stability to the kitchen, the main hub for the family. Another strong, stable, and stylish wood choice that has been gaining ground over the last couple of years is walnut. It’s natural beauty and rich tones make it a stunning choice for kitchen cabinets. Walnut is a beautiful companion to the neutral color palette such as gray and white plus its durability ensures that it will last for years. There is also an added benefit to opting for a dark stain color, less mess. Light colors are beautiful but their one big flaw is the visibility of dirt but with a darker stain smudge marks and fingerprints this is less of an issue. A darker color scheme is also a good choice for those who enjoy a more modern design style. Whether you are going for a stable kitchen design, modern/industrial feel, or a coupling of nature with traditional, dark stain color choices are exactly what you need for your kitchen cabinets.

Nature inspired 

Speaking of nature, designers are noticing a trend with homeowners, they want more nature inside the home and that includes color choices for kitchen cabinets. Colors like blue, green, and even yellow are beginning to trend in cabinet design. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr colors of the year are all inspired by nature with two leaning into the green shades. Green is seen as a rising color choice, especially the softer shades because it reflects an open, calm feel, a perfect representation of nature that can be brought into the home. Color impacts our mood and by bringing nature’s colors indoors you are mimicking that vibe into your home, creating a place of calm and repose. The kitchen should be a warm and welcoming space, it is the central gathering place for family and friends alike. Blues, greens, and yellows are a good choice for cabinet colors and can be paired well with others. Consider a blue kitchen island surrounded by white cabinets, this makes a beautiful completed look. Some of the benefits to selecting a color inspired by nature are:

  • A calm atmosphere
  • Healing environment

When these colors are combined with a kitchen that has natural light, it creates a space that is a little piece of the outdoors inside. We spend a significant amount of time in the home, especially the kitchen, so our color selection matters. Consider a color from nature for your kitchen cabinets.

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Warm white mixed with bright white

No matter how many color trends come and go, white will continue to remain one of the number one choices. The hue, however, can shift from time to time. The bright white has been a winner for a number of years but for 2022 there seems to be a definite shift to a more softer, warmer shade. This white tends to be a better match for warmer color schemes such as yellows and reds while the bright white is suited to the cool colors like green and blue. In general, white is a color that makes a space look brighter, feel more open, and less cluttered. It also goes with any design style and can be complemented by any color, plus it is suited to stainless steel or black appliances. If you have limited natural light in your kitchen this is another reason white cabinets would be a good choice for your space. A shift to a more warmer tone also makes sense as more homeowners are exploring the idea of layering their look with colors that pop or even pairing it with wood. If you are looking for a color that goes with just about everything and is good for resale then white kitchen cabinets are the color for you.

Kitchen cabinet color trends for 2022

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