Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Custom Design for Wellness – The benefits of an organized home.

While clutter is easy to spot, the negative effects it can have on our well-being often goes undetected. When clutter runs rampant throughout a space, it has the ability to make us feel guilty for not being more organized or stressed by the overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

Builders and designers today are looking to create homes that can help alleviate these emotions by utilizing the space to the fullest. We believe it is our job to help our clients have a space that is completely functional and perfectly matches their lifestyle. Here are three areas in the home where custom storage can help you feel better and your life run smoother.

Custom closets

If you are having trouble getting out the door on time, your closet may be to blame. Closets are a key storage area in the home and an essential component to a smooth morning routine. Having the ability to walk into your closet and know where everything is because it has a designated spot will save you lots of time and stress. 

Have a lot of shoes but don’t know where to put them? We can help with that! Need a closet that meets the needs of your little children but will also work for them as they grow? We can do that too! Custom closets put you in control of your stuff again and allow you to have a closet that is perfectly suited to your family’s needs.

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Custom pantries

If the kitchen is the heart of the home then the pantry is the pump keeping it going. It is the place where some of the most important things are kept including the ingredients to those family dinners. When there is a lack of proper storage and accessibility to the essential, problems arise. A custom pantry allows you to create a space that works with your lifestyle. 

Do a lot of baking? We can make pullout drawers that allow you to easily find all those dry ingredients. Wondering where to store those cumbersome but needful kitchen tools like the kitchen aide? We can create custom shelves that make storing such items with ease. A custom pantry gives you the organization you need so you spend less time trying to find something and more time with your family.

Custom drop zones

Every house has one, that particular spot where everything gets dumped and looks like the dump. Enter the drop zone, a custom piece that is built to accommodate your needs. We have built several of these for our clients with wonderful outcomes. One client needed a drop zone that had individual cubbies for their children but also had a charging dock inside. This made it easy to store and recharge their devices when they placed them there at the end of the day. This customization allowed the children to always grab a fully charged iPad before going to school. Let us help you create a piece that allows you to stay on track and be prepared for those early morning rushes out the door.

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Smooth mornings

By going custom in these three top areas of the home you will be able to eliminate a lot of headaches, chaos and utter frustration, giving you more time to spend on the important things of life. 

Don’t let the clutter stress you out and dampen your health. Browse our gallery to see how we have already helped countless families win the war on clutter and enjoy a less hectic morning routine. We always encourage our clients to bring any inspiration they find online to the design meeting so that we can take it from a pin to a reality. Let’s talk soon.