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Common Questions about kitchen pantry design

By definition, a kitchen pantry is a place of storage. It is where food, beverages, extra dishes, and even household cleaning supplies are kept. Storage is an essential part of the kitchen, a lack can cause the space to look cluttered and cramped. The pantry can provide what is needed while keeping the kitchen looking great. In this blog, we will discuss the common questions about the design process and what to include in a pantry design that provides the solutions to keeping your kitchen functional and running smoothly. 

Where to put the kitchen pantry?

Even though the pantry is in the kitchen, the question of where is important. Do you place it near the stove or with the other cabinets, or in its own room? We do, however, recommend that you complete the kitchen’s overall placement before choosing the pantry location because until you know where certain items will be such as the stove and sink you won’t know the best location. 

Kitchen and pantry layout

Once the location has been picked, the layout is next and is determined by your needs. Before a design meeting, it is important to know what you want or plan to put in your pantry. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a lot of dry goods such as cereals, snacks, and baking supplies? This means you need to include shelving. 
  • Have extra serving platters and paper products. Drawers can help keep it all organized both traditional and wired.
  • Countertop appliances like a kitchen aid or blender. Varying shelf widths and heights can provide storage for these larger items and keep your counter clutter-free.

Once you know the “what” you can talk with your designer about accomplishing the “how”.

Kitchen pantry size

Size is another factor in the design. You may not have a large area to work with so utilizing your space to the fullest is important. There are several options including a wall to wall and freestanding pantry. Maybe you do have more space and can consider doing a walk-in pantry or even a separate room to give you a more versatile space. View a project where the pantry was a multifunctional room near the kitchen.

Shelving for kitchen pantry

Shelves provide a way to divide items according to use and purpose such as:

  • Baking supplies
  • Canned goods
  • Boxed items
  • Beverages

Keeping in mind what items you want to store inside your pantry will help your designer know what types of shelves to include in the final design. With a custom pantry, you can have varying sizes and depths on your shelves to create the perfect storage.

kitchen pantry with drawers

The organization is the key to almost any space, and the kitchen pantry is no different. Small items like loose snacks, or tea boxes do better when contained in a drawer. They will be easier to find and use. Open bin drawers, like wired, are another great option because you can store non-perishable items such as potatoes and onions or even paper products and snacks. Varying depths and widths are usually a good idea. When planning your design don’t forget to add a few drawers.

Kitchen pantry and storage

Storage is a valuable commodity in the kitchen and the pantry can provide you with a place to put all those rarely used items like your grandma’s vintage serving platter or the extra-large crockpot. Sometimes mops, brooms, buckets, and other household cleaning supplies can be stored conveniently close while still out of sight as well. Planning for storage is a must when designing your kitchen pantry. View a gallery of other kitchen pantry designs and get inspired.

Multifunctional space

The pantry is more than just a place to store food. It can serve as a multifunctional space and serve various needs, oftentimes, when more function is involved it may be referred to as a ‘Scullery”. 

  • kitchen pantry with wine rack. It makes sense to store wine in the pantry since that is where we go to get the crackers. 
  • kitchen pantry with sink. An additional sink in the pantry can provide a separate prep space especially if you keep certain vegetables in the pantry. 
  • prep space. Throwing parties is easier when you have several areas to prep and having a designated space in your pantry can provide that for you.
  • pet area. If you plan on storing your pet food in the pantry why not turn it into the feeding area too? 

Kitchen and pantry lighting

This is an overlooked area of the design but one that plays a key role in the space, after all, if you can’t see your items you won’t know what you have. Some great options include:

  • Task lighting
  • Canned lighting
  • Under-cabinet lighting

Good lighting ensures that you can easily find every item in your pantry and spend less time looking and more cooking. No matter the size of your kitchen pantry make sure to include lighting in the design.

It’s all in the design

The kitchen pantry plays a key role in the function of the day to day operations in the kitchen and deserves special consideration. It is a hidden gem that stores, hides, and organizes everything in one convenient place. Ready to get started on creating the perfect pantry, you can call us at  704-434-0823 or send your inspiration pictures and plans to Jan at