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Cabinet doors and hinges

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Hinges, while this may seem like a boring topic, they are key to the design since you can’t open or close a door without them. From cabinet door style, wood type, and color, there are a lot of decisions to be made when designing a kitchen. Sometimes the little things can get lost or overlooked, but that does not mean they are unimportant. A proper hinge will ensure a better life for your cabinet door since it bears the weight of the door and gives it continuous mobility. We will explain the options available, which hinges go best with certain door styles and discuss the different things that should be considered during the selection process.

Cabinet door hinge types

While there are multiple varieties of hinges available, each with a specific purpose and function, we will only discuss the main ones that are used in cabinetry.

  • Concealed hinges – this type is not visible from the outside of the cabinet when the door is closed, giving a nice clean appearance to the overall design. It is also known as a European hinge.
  • Semi Concealed hinges – only a portion of this hinge is visible and mainly used with face frame cabinets.
  • Wrap around hinges – a portion of the hinge is bent to wrap around the door.
  • Non-mortise hinges – are surface mounted and thinner than a standard hinge.
  • Self-closing – not to be confused with the soft-close hinge, this type has a spring inside that helps to close the cabinet door when it is two inches away. Never worry about cabinet doors being left open again.
  • Soft-close – this option prevents cabinet doors from slamming shut by gently closing itself when two inches away.

What is one of the most popular hinges?

While different cabinets have different needs, one of the more popular hinge options is the concealed style. It is often used on frameless cabinets but can also be used on face-frame. Since it is concealed there is no interruption with the look and design of the cabinets making it a great option. 

Decorative hinges

Hinges are considered a practical piece of hardware but they can do more, they can create visual interest when used correctly. Using colors like brass or a contrasting one like black can make a statement in your design as can different metals such as cast iron. Multiple styles of hinges such as the butterfly or pivot are able to make a statement too. See some of the great options we offer here.

Doors and hinges

There is an array of door types that require unique hinges including bi-fold, pocket, and vertically opened doors. We always encourage you to discuss the types of doors and unique needs you may have with your space with your designer so that they are aware and can make the required adjustments. Read a few more details in a HGTV blog.

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