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Cabinet Door Styles for 2022

A new year is almost here which means there are new trends being announced and designers are making sure they are prepared to answer your questions. Cabinet door styles is one trend we like to keep an eye on so that we can assist our clients select the one that is right for them. Cabinet design encompasses many different elements to create the perfect kitchen and that includes the cabinet door style which has an abundance of choices such as inset, overlay, or even completely custom. There are also several other factors that go into selecting a cabinet door style including material and design elements such as borders. All of this comes together to make a kitchen cabinet that reflects you as the owners. So what are the cabinet door styles for 2022? Let’s talk about them and what it means for you and your new kitchen.

Simple is better

For many years, kitchen cabinets were very ornate, with elegant curves, designs, and swirls incorporated into the design and while they are still beautiful this trend has faded out over the last decade and replaced with a more minimalist approach. A minimalist kitchen design does not mean it is void of beauty or boring, rather it is creating a simplified space free from clutter and uses color as an accent rather than the main feature. The goal of minimalism is to design with intention and purpose meaning that every element is chosen for a reason not just because it is what everyone else has or is the number one choice today. Every design tells a story including the elements you select in your kitchen design. Cabinet door styles are a main feature in cabinet design and can set the tone for much of the space. Some of these elements include clean lines and white or wood as the color choice (sometimes it is a combination of both for a stunning effect). Work loads and a never ending list of errands, life can get overwhelming which is why the idea of minimal design is trending in 2022. We need spaces that provide a calm atmosphere especially in areas like the kitchen that tend to be a busy area in the home. The design choices you make can have an influence on the vibe in a room so a soft color palette with clean lines is a great choice for cabinet door styles. Simple can be a better choice for you and your new kitchen so talk to your designer, ask them to show you some cabinet door styles that are clean and simple.

Built in handles for Cabinets

Our cabinets will be the most used element in the kitchen. All day, every day they are opened and closed as we grab a glass, plate, platter, or bowl. This means that it will endure a lot of wear and tear over the years. When you add in the fact that our hands are not always clean as we are in the middle of cooking or come inside for a glass of water after doing yard work, kitchen cabinets can quickly get dirty. Hardware is a useful feature to have on cabinets as they extend the life of the cabinets as well as make it easier to keep them clean. More homeowners, however, are looking for ways to have the function they need from hardware but in a more organic feel such as built-in handles. This option leaves the cabinets looking more natural as the handles are crafted into the design versus it being placed on top. Some of the benefits of choosing built-in cabinet handles include:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Blending into the design
  • More eco-friendly choice

A built-in handle will still give you the needed function to complete everyday tasks while also looking stunning. They also blend seamlessly into the design creating a minimal and natural look since they work with the cabinet structure. Built-in cabinet handles can be placed in several areas on the cabinet door itself, sides, top (ideal for drawers), and even the bottom. Since they are part of the cabinets they are easy to maintain, simply give them the same care as you were instructed for the cabinet inself. Built-in handles are a great choice for those who prefer a more eco-friendly option without sacrificing any function or aesthetic to the cabinet design. Talk to your designer about the selections available to you, of course with custom almost anything is possible.

Combined material cabinet door style

For decades the traditional cabinet door was made from wood but time has a way of altering some traditions as new creative ideas are tried. Homeowners now have the option to select cabinet door styles that are a combination of materials such as glass and wire mess. This has opened the door for an entirely new look and feel in the kitchen. Both of these materials work well with wood and lend different benefits to form and function. Glass allows you to showcase beloved items or colorful dishes. It also breaks up the solid cabinet door style look, giving some visual interest to the space and brightens the whole area too. If you choose to include LED light strips into your cabinets, glass doors make it visible and add elegance to the space. For an added layer of texture and beauty you can select textured or lightly patterned glass. These selections can bring that unique look to your kitchen cabinets. Several owners today are also discovering the use of wire mesh as an option for cabinet door styles and it has been gaining some popularity. Like glass, wire mesh breaks up the traditional look of kitchen cabinets, gives visual interest and texture, plus provides a unique function to cabinets. Wire mesh cabinets allow air to freely flow in and out of the cabinets offering breathability to the contents. This is great for items such as recipe books, cooking items like spices, and linens. Choosing this option for butler pantries and cabinets used for storing tablecloths and napkins means nothing will get that old smell on it but stay refreshed, ready to be used whenever necessary. Both glass and mesh are another great choice for those looking at eco-friendly options. Talk to your designer about looking over some alternative material selections for your cabinet door styles.

Cabinet door styles for 2022

Are you ready to renovate your kitchen? We always encourage our clients to spend time browsing through some of the new trends for the year, search Pinterest and places like Houzz for additional inspiration, and keep a folder of what you love. When designing a new kitchen it is important and helpful for the designer when they can get a visual for what you are wanting. Your choice for a cabinet door style is a critical part of the planning stage so take a moment to think about what style is yours, maybe you found a few on this list of trends for 2022. Our design team is looking forward to helping you create a kitchen layout with a cabinet door style that reflects you perfectly. Connect with us and let’s get started planning your project together.