Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

We’ve all heard the saying “whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.”  When Travis Walker founded Walker Woodworking in 1996 he used this saying as his motivation.  His business journey is detailed here: Travis Walker Page and it is really worth a read.  He will tell you himself “I don’t try to be an expert at everything.  We focus on one thing and we aim to do it right.”  Our company strives for excellence in our craftsmanship of each cabinet we build.  As a result, we use only the finest building materials, paints/stains, hinges/slides, decorative hardware, and installation crews to complete custom orders for our clients.  Here I will give you a glimpse of how Walker Woodworking pays attention to every detail of our fine furniture quality custom cabinetry.

Quality Cabinets

Building a custom hood.

Many cabinet builders use particleboard for the structural interior of their cabinetry.  They assume that the client only cares about the outer finish, door style, and the overall exterior beauty of the cabinet.  Thus, they use lesser structural materials and can sell their cabinets for cheaper, since they are inferior on the inside.  This is why we always educate our clientele at WW about the best building practices.  We know you care about the longevity and strength of this investment you are making in your home, not just the seen exterior.  We use all ¾” plywood for our interior cabinet boxes and each adjustable shelve.  All drawer boxes are made of 5/8” thick solid maple lumber and dovetailed on all four corners. These are constructed in our shop.

We mill all our moldings in-house and have a large selection of crown and decorative moldings in stock. If you prefer something that is not in our profile library, we can have the knives made or purchase the molding elsewhere.

Excellent Finish

Close up of finish.

We also strive for excellence in our finishing department, by using the finest paint and stain products, as well as, the best hand executed techniques for our exterior processes.  We see finishing as an art and while you can rest assured that the cabinets are structurally sound, more time is dedicated to the aesthetic completion of the cabinetry.  Our finish is a cured finish and reaches its maximum hardness level in about 8 hours.  Once completely cured the surfaces in virtually impenetrable and has scored 100% durability ratings across the board vs. common household stains and contaminants (ex: ketchup, mustard, milk, tea, etc.)  It is also guaranteed to be sunlight and UV ray tolerant (guaranteed not to yellow from sun exposure). 

Slides & Hinges

Double decker silver/utensil tray featuring Blum slides.

Hinges and slides are items that some cabinet manufacturers will cut corners on.  Using inferior hinges and slides can significantly shorten the working lifespan of your cabinetry, since they may have to be replaced eventually.  When faulty or cheap hinges and slides are used the doors/drawers may not function correctly, drawers may not support the ideal weight capacity, and the doors may fall off of the cabinet face.  This is another detail that Walker Woodworking does not overlook.  We use only Blum superior drawer slides and door hinges, ensuring that your cabinetry functions the way you need it to, every time.  All of hinges and slides are also soft closing which is a valued feature as well.

Decorative Hardware

custom cabinets, home office design ideas

Hardware Detail

Cabinet hardware can seem overwhelming and endless.  The selection of handles and knob styles and finishes can be daunting.  At Walker Woodworking we will guide you through the hardware selection process painlessly, directing you toward styles that will compliment your cabinet selections.  We have chosen our decorative hardware brands for their quality, durability, pricing, and service.  We now offer the following brands to our clients: Top Knobs, Jeffrey Alexander, Schaub and Company, Berenson, Hafele, and Richelieu.  To view these resources online, visit our partner’s site: Decorative Cabinet Accessories.  Whatever style you select we will order the correct amount and proportion for your cabinet faces and they will be installed prior to the cabinet delivery (as possible).  Yet another detail to your job that cannot afford to be overlooked.  


Walker Woodworking Install Truck

Last, but definitely not least is the major detail of the installation process.  All of our install crews are made up of true craftsmen who will take great care when installing your cabinets.  We streamline our installations by taking large loads and keeping open communication about our schedule prior to, during, and after the main install.  We can usually install the bulk of cabinets in a few days and then will return once “punch out” items are finished. Unforeseen job site challenges may occur, but we always work to find a prompt solution.  Construction is a messy business and we always take care to clean up after ourselves as well.

We cover the details

Custom pullout paper towel holder.


As you can see, there are many details that must come together to ensure your job is completed as designed.  At Walker Woodworking we take pride in making all of your job details merge for a successfully completed project.  If you are getting quotes from multiple manufacturers we would encourage you to ask questions about their details: materials, finishes, etc.  This will ensure that you are getting the most for your money since this is an investment into your home.  As Travis would say “We do one thing and we do it with excellence.” If you want to find out more about our building techniques or if you have design questions please call our offices 704.434.0823.

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