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Are Bold Colors for You?

Color plays a key role in design whether it is paint for the wall, accent pieces for the room, or furniture colors, it all plays a part in turning a house into a home. Color trends come and go, changing every year and often influenced by new styles and even art. As cabinet designers we assist our clients in making selections for their new products including door styles, hardware, and accessories like silverware dividers. Each aspect is important but color ranks at the top of the list since it is one of the first things the homeowner and their guests will notice right away. Color makes a visual statement in any design which means it needs to be given the right attention. Bold colors have become increasingly popular among homeowners and if it has been on your list of possible choices here are some helpful things to keep in mind.

The purpose of color

Of all the design elements, color has the power to make the greatest impacts. It can influence the overall atmosphere and mood of a space plus gives voice to the owner’s particular style and gives off an energy all its own. Through color a room can feel unified, diverse, or calming. It can direct the eye where you want it to go by strategic placement of color pops or relax the body through calm neutral palettes. Color is not limited to a single idea but allows you to tell a story in your own words, unique to you alone. This is the purpose of color, it is meant to enable you to express yourself, to give you a place that delights your soul. Color has its own language and designers love assisting their clients in using it in their home. It has the ability to bring joy to homeowners which is why we make it a point to spend as much time as needed to help our clients pick the color that works for them, a color they will enjoy looking at for years to come.

Popular cabinet colors

As with everything else in the design world, there are certain colors that remain popular, almost timeless with owners. The top three are white, gray, and blue. These three continue to be selected for numerous projects, chances are if you open any kitchen or bathroom magazine the majority of the cabinets will have one of these colors featured. White is an ageless color, one that can be used with any style or design. Gray is a calming color and pairs elegantly with wood. Blue, whether light or dark, is another popular selection and goes well with a traditional or a contemporary design choice. All three of these choices are also a good idea for those who are flipping a home or renovating with intention to sell. 

How to use color

While color can be a fun element to use it is important to be intentional when using it. There are multiple ways to use color in the home including the kitchen and bathroom such as:

  • Backsplash
  • Contrast
  • Two toned options
  • Hardware
  • Countertops

Each is an effective means of adding color into the home and with more companies recognizing this there are ample selections for homeowners to express their unique style through color. 

Why bold colors are trending

Color can influence mood and bold colors are commonly linked to brightening a countenance. What used to be an accent wall has spread into the main color. While there is nothing wrong with the tried and true neutral palette, bold colors are taking the design world by storm in shades like:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple

With many homeowners spending additional time at home due to work from home schedules and even home gyms bold colors can light up a space. Since colors play a role in our mood it’s helpful to remember what each space is for and utilize the right color to maximize the purpose. Reds and oranges are great for keeping you motivated while working out and yellow is perfect for sparking creativity. Greens and blues are wonderful for invoking a sense of calm for areas of study and relaxation. Going bold works well on exteriors too, check out this farmhouse where the homeowners used black instead of the traditional white. Bold doesn’t always mean extreme or crazy, they serve a purpose and add a dash of fun to the home. Don’t be afraid to mention your desire for a bold splash in your home during the design meeting. We have had many clients who loved their decision to take a striking move and score a home run in their new space. 

How to incorporate bold colors into your design

Bold colors add a pop to any space especially the kitchen and bathroom but there are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating the perfect design.


  • Balance: dark colors are great but they can swallow a room and make it feel smaller so be careful when deciding how much of a dark color will be used in a space especially one with limited windows. A kitchen island or even the bathroom vanity is a great way to go dark and bold at the same time.
  • Multiple shades: you can emphasize the choice of bold colors by opting to use several tints and hues of it in the room. This creates a unified design with your selection of bold colors.
  • Pairings: bold colors work well together like yellow and blue and even red with black plus they can create a fun atmosphere for the family and a visual statement for guests. Consider pairing your bold choice with another for a stunning space.  


  • Go one color: if you choose to have a dark kitchen island color it works best to compliment it with another option that can be bold as well just in a different shade. If everything’s the same tint things tend to get blended together. Break it up by including a few additional colors in the design.
  • Forget about function: each space in the house has a purpose and function, color plays a role in that. While choosing colors is fun there should be a structure to your choice as well.

It’s important to have a color plan which means spending time gathering inspiration photos and talking with your designer about what works best for your space. Bold colors are meant to be fun and energizing for your home. 

Are bold colors for you?

Are you ready to start adding a splash and dash of fun to your home? Our design team are experienced in creating cabinets that not only serve a purpose but bring delight to each of our clients. Our custom work means you get exactly what you need for your space and suits the unique layout of your home. For more than 20 years we have assisted clients in bringing their dreams of what they wanted their homes to be to life whether it be a kitchen in stunning black or tomato red cabinets in their pantry. Our goal is to give you the home you need through custom cabinets. Contact us today to set up an appointment.