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Color is a powerful design tool because it can control the atmosphere of the room. From soothing grays and blues to striking blacks and reds, color can make a space calm or energizing. Many of our clients tend to opt for a traditional color scheme in the kitchen, such as whites, grays, and blues. Still, sometimes we have one that enjoys stepping outside the realm of typical choices and selecting a color that is unique and reflective of their fun personality. This decision brought the kitchen to life and paired perfectly with the classic white used throughout this area. Our designers enjoyed working with this client on renovating the old home they purchased and helping them blend the old with the new.

This old house

Initially built in 1939, there were so many good bones throughout the home that its potential sparked creativity for both our client and design team. We love preserving the past because there is so much charm and elegance hidden throughout the architecture and many possibilities ready to be explored. The decision was made to remove the wall between the kitchen and living room to open up and connect the two spaces. The homeowner wanted to incorporate a dining room with sight lines to the kitchen, making it easy to entertain family and friends. Desiring to highlight the original feature in the home, our client chose to have custom built-ins made around the refrigerator wall of the kitchen, which provided additional storage. Another decision made by the homeowner was to remove the current flooring and showcase the original hardwood concealed underneath. Its dark contrast was perfect for the lighter colors used in the kitchen cabinets and gave the space a luxurious feel. One authentic piece that the homeowner sourced is the porcelain sink complete with a drain. It adds a lovely touch to the space and fits perfectly with the rest of the aesthetic in the home. Lighting is another essential element to any space and these two matching light fixtures featuring a gold wire mesh lend another retro vibe to the space and an excellent visual statement. A historic home should always be given special attention to the smallest detail as it can impact the overall feel of the house and we love the choices our client made with this one.

A bold choice

Color is often considered one of the most important elements in cabinet design, as it is usually the first thing people notice when entering a new space. For the cabinet bases, the homeowner decided to go with Benjamin Moore’s Pacific Ocean Blue, a hue they say will “bring space to life for those looking to illuminate their world with pure, extraordinary color.” It indeed does seem to breathe a whole new look into the vintage-style kitchen and makes a gorgeous visual statement. A lovely balance is achieved by pairing it with an all-white backsplash, white upper cabinets, and a range hood. The natural light that fills the kitchen works perfectly with the entire color palette creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone to relax. Another element incorporated into the design was a narrow kitchen island made from quarter-sawn white oak, which is the perfect add-on for this area. It provides the homeowner with more prep and cooking space, plus storage. For the kitchen not to feel too tight or cramped, the island was made with an open shelf, allowing you to see through and giving the illusion of more space. Even though there are three different color choices at work in this space, they all complement each other quite well and have one common thread: the hardware. The client elected to go with a mix and match of hardware options from Top Knob and blended cup pulls together with knobs, all in a honey bronze finish. We love how exquisite it all looked. 

Blended updates

When working with any space with a good deal of history involved, it is essential, to begin with what you have that is good and look for ways to improve on it. The initial kitchen layout needed minor tweaking to take it from less than functional to a space that met your particular needs or routines. We extended the kitchen countertop area to the third window, giving more workable space for the homeowner. The minimal use of upper cabinets allows more light into the space plus keeps it more open. The texture and shape of the white tile backsplash have a vintage look that adds a bit of elegance as it extends halfway up the wall and fills in the space behind the stove, offering protection from possible grease and sauce splatters. Pops of classic colors from that bygone era are sprinkled throughout the kitchen from the fun microwave color to the bright green tea kettle, there is no doubt that color makes this space a great place to hang out. There was also a corner of the home that had a simple built-in closet area that the homeowner wanted to transform into a wet bar and beverage center instead. Always ready to embrace the challenge, our design team created a set of glass front doors to close the existing shelves, and the homeowner added some vintage metal pieces below to complete the look. By tearing out the opposing closet door, we were able to reconfigure it with a beverage cooler, drawers, and floating shelves that allowed our clients to display and store their favorite drinks easily. This is a great example of how custom makes having what you need for your lifestyle simple. 

Custom cabinet canvas

The homeowner had a specific request for one kitchen cabinet. They wanted a tall stand-alone pantry cabinet since there was no official pantry area in the kitchen but asked that we leave it in its raw wood so they could paint it themselves. The custom inset cabinet was made with clear maple wood, and our client was able to paint it to their specifications. Adding some unique and ornate hardware pieces only made this piece stand out more in such a beautiful way. We are always delighted to assist our clients in having a chance to express their artistic side, even if that means creating a canvas out of a custom cabinet!

A splash of color

Working with the history often results in a stunning final project which is why we love having a part in it. Working together with our design team, this client was able to achieve the functionality needed in this time period while still remaining true to much of the previous one. It was a delight to transform this 1939 home into something amazing, from old closets turned into beverage centers and retro built-ins, we loved it all. Above all, we are believers in the power even a splash of color has to dramatically alter a space and make a revolutionary statement that can awe anyone.