Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

A Place for Everything

Storage and organization have always been important to homeowners but over the last year and a half it has become a priority with so many of us working from the home and children completing their school work between the classroom and the home. Houses have always functioned in multiple roles but this need has only increased causing owners to reevaluate the functional space available to them. Since we are spending more and more time at home than anywhere else it is essential that things have their proper place since it cuts down on the mess and stress. Most of us would say that we want to be more organized but the layout of the home can hinder our ability to maximize storage or find the spot for our things to remain organized, admitting that they could use some help. Multiple homes today come with great storage areas but for many, it is still not enough. Homeowners are looking to renovate their current dwelling in order to gain more storage and areas to organize their life according to their specific needs. A place for everything begins with a plan and that plan starts by knowing what you need for specific areas in the home.

Kitchen organization

The kitchen has always been described as the heart of the home because that is where we gather to eat, to talk about the day’s events and celebrate the wins. Recently it has also become the center hub for everyone’s activities, all members of the family have one reason or another to be in the kitchen. From planning the meals, writing out the shopping lists, working on school assignments, or even the ongoing zoom meetings, we all have spent extra time in the kitchen. In addition, for many they have not had to cook as much as they have in the past year in who knows when since many restaurants were closed. All of these needs have led homeowners to realize just how badly their kitchens were in need of a renovation but not just any renovation, they had specific storage and organization needs such as:

  • Deep drawers for dishes
  • Trash can pull-outs
  • Spice pull-outs
  • Larger base cabinets
  • Butler pantry
  • Built-ins

All of these components help create order in the kitchen by providing a place for everything. Deep drawers are perfect for storing platters, dishes, tupperware, pots, and pans. They are also easy access for the younger members of the household. Trash can pull-outs mean the trash is tucked away in a cabinet instead of in the flow of traffic and spice pull-outs keep the spices neatly stored when not in use but within easy reach when needed.

Keeping the countertops clear of clutter has also moved to the top of many owners lists as well since that can lead to more clutter later. Choosing to use larger base cabinets means additional storage for various items including things like crock pots and mixers and keep the countertops clear as can butler pantries and built-ins. Both of these options provide extra storage for items not always in use but still keep them in the kitchen area as well as allow you to hide any messes from surprise visitors. Designers are also encouraging their clients to browse through their items looking to see if there are things they don’t need anymore and can pare down. Understanding what you have is the first step to planning your renovation, it is what helps designers know exactly what type of cabinets and accessories you will need to create the perfect place for everything in your home.

Bathroom organization

The kitchen is the heart of the home but the bathroom is where our day begins and nothing is more frustrating than to be hindered from your morning routine then clutter. The needs in this space are vastly different from your kitchen which means you must take time to walk through your morning. Consider these accessories that could make it easier to get through your routine and keep everything where it needs to be:

  • Docking drawers
  • Larger vanities
  • Medicine cabinet mirrors
  • Deep drawers
  • Hamper pull-outs

While the bathroom vanity tends to be the main statement piece, it also has the biggest potential for maximizing storage and keeping you organized. Some designers are recommending a more kitchen cabinet size for the vanity because it gives you more space to work with and the ability to add certain customizations to it. Some suggest swapping out the traditional function of certain accessories to meet particular needs in the bathroom. For instance, using a spice pull-out to store toiletries. Adding a trash can pull-out is another great idea since it confines your trash inside the cabinet as are hamper pull-outs. Utilizing the mirrors by having it double as a medicine cabinet means your immediate hygienic things can stay accessible but off the counter. 

There are multiple things that take place in the bathroom before we are ready to face the day and having a place for it all means that you will have peace of mind and less stress. Renovating your bathroom is a big step and should be given the right amount of thought so take time to inventory everything in your bathroom, consider what you do each morning, and if there is anything else that needs to be added that could help you make the most of the space.

A place for everything

No one ever intends to have a messy, disorganized home but when the proper storage spaces are missing it can be difficult to keep everything in its place since it didn’t have one to begin with. So much time can be saved and frustration avoided if there are designated areas designed for you and your family. Everyone has different needs which is why we have dedicated ourselves to customized each of your spaces. Life can get crazy and our home is the one place we should be able to go at any time to relax, to regain our calm, and recharge for the next day. An organized home not only means less time looking for things and more time spent together, it offers you peace of mind that transfers to a rested mind. For over 20 years, the design team at Walker Woodworking has dedicated themselves to serving each of our clients in a way that is perfectly suited to them. While we follow the same process with each client the results are always customized to their specific lifestyle needs. We are proud of the work we do and stand behind it. We have served clients in over 15 counties across two states but our areas of service continue to grow. Connect with us today and let’s start planning your home renovation together.