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Cabinet Door Styles for 2020

Nothing makes as big a statement as your kitchen or bathroom cabinets since they do take up the largest part of the kitchen. While color and choice of wood are important when buying cabinets, it is the door style that really sets the tone and gives the visual appeal. Your selections matter even down to the details because they are a reflection of you to everyone who visits. Our home is like a canvas that we paint through design to create a picture that looks like us. This is why even your cabinet door style choice is important to us.  We offer a broad selection of door styles including shaker, inset, and flat-panel, but because we are custom cabinet builders we are not limited to these. Here we will discuss the current trends in cabinet door styles for 2020 but are always open to whatever designs our customers have envisioned.

Most popular cabinet door style?

Shaker style. There are many cabinet door styles but the shaker style has remained among the top favorite year after year. In fact it has become almost synonymous with cabinets since the two are often placed in the same sentence. Its simplistic five-piece flat panel look allows it to blend in with any design style and compliments many others as well. This is a great choice if you enjoy a minimalist style but are versatile enough to adapt. Little adjustments can be made such as a distressed look to match a farmhouse feel or remain true to its roots to serve a more traditional look. From neutral color schemes to bold black, shaker style cabinet doors can be considered an almost evergreen option due to their continued popularity.

Other popular cabinet door styles

  • Raised panel– this style has a center panel of the cabinet door that is gently raised. It can have arches or even square edges. There are several profiles that can be in the center panel. This style has the ability to add depth and character to the cabinet door making it a beautiful choice especially in the kitchen.
  • Flat-panel– similar in style to slab doors, the center panel of the door will be flat and there are not any profile details. This is a lot like the shaker door as well but the inside and outside edge profiles are different and can have numerous combinations. These doors are popular for a more transitional contemporary style. 
  • Slab– this style is a great option for the modern style and is often considered a more European-style as it tends to be more simplistic with minimal hardware. Because they are less ornate this can make them a more budget friendly option, a great benefit for those looking for quality cabinets in a more affordable price range.  

Raised and flat panel doors have many options that you can choose from for the inside edge profiles and outside edge profiles. This allows you to have more than a hundred types of door style combinations. Cabinet companies will usually pick a few select popular door styles to offer. At Walker Woodworking we can make any combination of door styles, however, anything outside of our elaborate standard offerings would come at an additional cost.

Which cabinet style is best for a kitchen?

This depends on the look and style you are trying to achieve. As cabinets play a vital role in the overall aesthetic and appeal of the kitchen this choice is important. The shaker style is a great choice since it is versatile and blends with many design styles and is a classic, timeless option. Flat-panel doors are a popular choice with current kitchen trends that lend to a more transitional contemporary style. Raised panel doors have been frequently chosen as a design style for traditional kitchens. Even though these tend to be the most popular options this is your home and that means if you are looking for something outside of the traditional that is perfectly okay. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample door so you can get a better understanding of what it will look like which is an important part in the design process.

Which cabinet style is best for a bathroom?

Shaker and flat-panel are all great choices for the bathroom. The bathroom is not the center of attention so it does not need to be as elaborate but it should reflect your style. Door styles can affect the overall cost of the cabinets. The bathroom vanity may offer some savings by choosing a more simplistic door style such as the flat panel or shaker style. Also, a more simplistic door style is often easier to keep clean which is an important feature for the bathroom especially when you have a very busy schedule. When looking to make a statement in the bathroom color tends to be your best option as it can brighten or add elegance to your space with a few brush strokes. A good designer can also assist you in selecting the perfect door style that checks off all the items on your list.

Which style reflects you?

It is important that both the kitchen, as the heart of the home, and your bathroom are a reflection of the homeowners. More than anyone else, you will be the one spending the most time in these spaces so it matters that you like it. Be sure to take the time to browse different inspiration boards on Pinterest or portfolio pages on Houzz so you can discover the style that you love and can see in your new kitchen or bathroom. This is an investment, one that is worthwhile for sure but also merits sufficient research on which style is best for your space. With countless options to choose from, there is sure to be something that is representational of you.

Cabinet door style options are endless

Your cabinet choices matter which is why our team is dedicated to bringing you the best options that will reflect your unique style in the home. Let us help you bring your perfect space to life. No matter if it is a farmhouse, modern, or transitional, we have the capability to create exactly what you have been looking for in cabinets. Learn more about our product line here or come visit our showroom in beautiful Uptown Shelby where you can physically see and touch our door samples. After 20 years of doing custom cabinets, we have the experience to help you get the upgraded cabinets you need. Connect with us and let’s get started on planning your renovation or remodel.