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Why have Pull out Drawers


Storage is a vital part of designing a space as it ensures that everything has a place and that there is sufficient room for everything. Sometimes, it can be challenging to create storage in some regions of the home, but with some well-thought-out planning, solutions can be made. Storage should also be tailored to you and the needs of the space with easy access to everyone who uses it. Pullouts are an excellent option for storage solutions in busy home areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom. They are also perfect for every age, including seniors and children, making them easy to use. Pullouts are a popular choice in cabinet design and can be a good decision for your home project or even a good investment for a house flip. Let’s discuss them and the benefits they can provide you and your family.

What are pull-out drawers?

A pull-out drawer is a wood storage box or tray that has a full extension ball-bearing rail, which allows the homeowner to have easy access to storage. Of course, they can come in a wide range of sizes and even shapes, such as regular drawers and tall or narrow double pullouts. These highly customized options can be placed throughout the home and extend beyond the kitchen and bathroom. This is a beautiful asset for laundry rooms and closets since you can use the full potential of a drawer to store various items, from cleaning supplies and shoes. Pullouts are a classic design feature that has been used for quite some time and remain a staple in many projects, both renovations and new builds.

The benefits of pull-out drawers

While having drawers in your home design is a must, pullouts take it to a whole new level as they give a myriad of benefits to any space in your home, including:

  • Increase in storage space
  • Organization
  • Time saved
  • Accessibility 

Even with excellent cabinet design, it is easy for them not to be fully utilized or for items to get lost in the back and hard-to-reach areas, significantly taller or lower cabinets. For seniors, the cabinets closer to the ground can present a problem if they struggle with having to squat down or cannot safely reach the upper cabinets. Pullouts solve that issue by making it much less complicated since you only need to pull out the drawer. Often a space does not need to be increased to gain more storage space, only your current one rethought to give you adequate storage which is something that pull outs do very well, up to 50% more storage. Organization is another key benefit to pullouts, as everything can be clearly seen once the drawer has been extended. Plus, it is much simpler to put everything back in its place. Dishes, trays, and more can be organized and set in a particular section of the space. You can also do this with pantry or baking supplies, which means that there will be less waste because you can keep track of inventory instead of having to continually throw away expired items that got lost in the dark recesses of cabinets. Time is also saved because you do not have to look so hard to find something or pull out everything you own to locate one item. As it has been stated, pullouts allow everyone more accessible access to the items, which makes them a popular option for the entire family. Be sure to talk to your designer about adding pull-out drawers to your project.

Where to use pull-out drawers

Pull-out drawers are among the most versatile options in the design world since they can be adapted to suit any need or used in any home space. They have been primarily seen in areas such as the kitchen since they greatly asset this particular space. Spice pull-outs and utensil canister drawers are among the most popular. Placed near the stove or range, they make it simple to cook fabulous meals while minimizing the steps since the main things you need are right beside you. Pullouts can be added to other areas in the home, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, to store items like cleaning or paper supplies, toiletries like hairspray, and even hair styling tools. Steel canisters and plastic containers can be placed within narrow pull-outs, allowing for detailed storage solutions for everyday areas in the home. Thinking outside the box, pull-outs can also be used in areas like the family room to store board games and movies and bookcases to store additional items. Offices can also benefit from these space-saving drawers to keep supplies neatly organized. Be sure to browse sites like Pinterest and Houzz to gain more inspiration for clever uses of pull-out drawers in the home. Feel free to print your discoveries and share them with your designer to work together to create the perfect design in your new home.

Pull out drawers in the home.

Storage solutions are often at the top of homeowners’ wish lists regarding a new construction or renovation project. They want to have a home that is functional for the specific needs of their lifestyle, which is why custom builds are among the top options. It allows them to create the perfect space with the exact elements needed to keep their home looking not only beautiful but truly liveable. Pullouts are one of the many things that can be utilized to fully optimize your square footage and make life easier for everyone. At Walker Woodworking, we provide you with the accessories needed to best use your home. Talk to your designer about how pullouts can be used in your upcoming project to give you the best possible space.