Living the Easy Life


Of course, we all know the “Easy Life” is with a book in our hand, toes in the sand.

Then reality hits us right smack in the face! We are micro managers of our household! What could make life easier is organization.  Seems simple enough right? A kitchen well designed from the beginning will make for an easier life!

So, let me explain how it is you can have the“Easy-Life” with custom cabinets.

If you are considering building new or remodeling a home in the near future, you should consider custom cabinetry.

There are many more reasons to consider custom cabinetry than you might realize.

Cabinet organization can reduce clutter, make things easier to store and find–which makes cooking more enjoyable!

Organization built into your design might just begin to create the “Easy -Life” for you!

Benefits of working with a custom cabinet shop:

  • Built to last
  • Local sourcing
  • Elements you NEED, and none that you don’t
  • Personalization
  • Built to fit
  • Not mass produced
  • Space planning and functional design
Photo by Walker Woodworking staff - All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Walker Woodworking staff – All Rights Reserved.

At Walker Woodworking we have a talented designer who can guide you through all the options of custom cabinets with your best interest in mind.  Custom design elements will increase the value of your home.  “Cookie-cutter” or boxed cabinet manufacturing cannot offer the elements of a custom shop.

Your kitchen design is often based on the purpose of your kitchen.  That may seem crazy to say, but not all kitchen owners actually cook; therefore, perhaps pan dividers and spice racks are not needed.  Your lifestyle is important to the design of your kitchen. Does the whole family cook? Do you need more counter space for preparations? Do you eat in the kitchen? Do you have large serving pieces?  All of these questions and more will help the design process be most efficient for you and your family.

Here are a few suggested kitchen design ideas that will help you begin the “Easy Life”.

Tray dividers: 

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff - All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

Not a new concept to the kitchen, but new ideas in the design area.  Tray dividers can store various items such as: Cutting boards, cookie sheets, & serving trays. Placement for this type of storage will give your kitchen more function without compromising space.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff - All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

Base wall and pullouts:

Pullouts are perfect to fill in a space and use for storage of spices, oils, cooking utensils & other small items.  When closed, the pullouts will blend with the kitchen design and sometimes go unnoticed.  Maximize your storage and get the most out of your space.

Pantry & roll-out drawers:

craftsman kitchen

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

Adjustable roll-outs are perfect for canned goods and dry food storage.  This helps eliminate the problem of never seeing what’s in the back.  Everything is easily accessible and at your fingertips!

Appliance garage:

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff - All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

The mixer now has a place to be stored.
No heavy lifting just to make a cake!  Coffee makers, blenders, toasters and small appliances can be stored with convenience; thus making your life easier and your back stronger!  Frees the counter top of clutter and begins to make life easier!

Recycle bin:

Recycling is important.  But really who likes having the three large ugly plastic storage bins at your garage door entrance?  Now you can get the family involved in recycling.  Recycling can be stylish and functional.  Custom cabinets will allow you to have more than one area of trash bins in your home.

Rustic Home, alder wood,bar stool,cabinet covered appliances,rustic style kitchen

Photo by Walker Woodworking staff – All Rights Reserved.

Picture shows a two-can trash pullout recycle bin to the left of the sink

and to the right, is a paneled dishwasher!

Docking drawer & drawer dividers:

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff - All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

Free up your counter space–custom drawers, docking drawers and cutlery drawers will certainly help with the clutter of small items.  Several of our home owners need storage for various things including: hair dryers, curling irons, DVD’s, jewelry, guns, serving utensils, tools and so much more!

A designer will provide answers to your questions that will allow us to design cabinetry that is best suited for your lifestyle.Docking drawers are becoming more and more popular in today’s households.  A docking drawer has the electrical components inside the drawer which can charge your electronic devices without clutter on the countertop.

Refrigerator drawer and warming drawers:

Like the look of a mini bar, wet bar or need extra refrigerated space for the kids to have easy access to after school drinks and snacks?  A refrigerator drawer is functional and stylish.  Custom cabinet appliance panels can be placed on the outside to have the drawer look as if it was part of the cabinetry.  Warming drawers also can be incorporated into your kitchen design to blend with the cabinetry.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff - All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

We understand kitchen and home remodels or new construction can be a daunting experience.  It is our intention to assist you each step of the way.  At Walker Woodworking, our focus is on creating high – end custom made products to enhance your home and lifestyle. We believe that our quality, custom, hand-crafted woodworking makes the difference between an ordinary house and an extraordinary home. Quality is the foundation for everything we do.

Go enjoy the “Easy life” and call us when you need custom cabinets!

Jan Blanton – Walker Woodworking

Custom laundry room


Turn your clutter and chaos into a clean closet!

Before starting this blog I thought I would see how Webster defines a closet.  A closet is usually small room that is used for storing things (such as clothing, towels, or dishes). 

clos·et noun \ˈklä-zət, ˈklȯ-\:

A closet can be small room, enclosed recess, or cabinet for storing clothing, food, utensils, etc. is how describes it. Either way, a closet is a place of storage with the number one goal to keep organized and have everything easily accessible. Unfortunately, clutter and chaos can easily take over your home whether it be in the kitchen, master bathroom, home-office, or your garage. Who knew there were so many different types of closets!  


shoe storage,full length mirror,dressing room,custom closets,classic white

Photo by Walker Woodworking -All Rights Reserved

Photo by Walker Woodworking staff – All Rights Reserved.

Everyone wishes they had more storage space especially at Christmas time, and it would be nice to reduce the clutter year round!

Children today are involved in numerous sports, or dance with so many items needing to be stored. A college student never comes home empty handed, and even after 4 years they may have to return home to live, or perhaps one day we realize it is best for the parents if they now live with us. Whatever your household is like, the need for storage just became a necessity. Having the perfect storage unit for everyone’s belongings will miraculously make chaos disappear in your home. And we could all use a little magic when it comes to keeping the home organized!  

Walker Woodworking can help you design a unique storage space for many areas of your home.  

  • Broom closet: A narrow floor-to-ceiling space for the storage of lengthy items such as brooms, mops, & dustpans.  You can easily add an 8 inch broom closet to the pantry, opening with side by side doors.  This small space can save steps making kitchen cleanup a breeze.

  • Coat closet: A coat closet is a closet of a house where people store their hoods, jackets and coats. A coat closet is typically located in the entryway, so that it is close to the front door. It is becoming more and more popular to have your entryway flanked with a custom built mudroom or closet to be seen as you enter the home.  Making it so accessible for the children to place their book-bags and coats, because we all know they hit the floor as the children walk through the door!

  • Linen closet: A tall, narrow closet, typically located in or near bathrooms and/or bedrooms. Such a closet contains shelves used to hold towels, washcloths, sheets, and toiletries. Even if your space is limited in the bathroom, you would be surprised at the storage you can get in a vertical space.  Over the toilet, beside the door or shower, if you are building new or remodeling be sure to allow room for a linen closet.  After all, we have all forgotten our towel once or twice only to realize it AFTER our bath! Problem solved with a linen closet in the bathroom! No more naked running in the house!

  • Utility closet: A closet used for permanently housing appliances, most commonly the heating/cooling unit and water heater, especially in apartments where they cannot be put in a garage, attic, or basement. Today more than ever we have appliances of all sizes and shapes. Appliances are no longer just the water heater or the washer and dryer. Ladies have hair appliances, men have tools, those of you with culinary skills have many appliances in the kitchen such as, mixers, blenders, and panini grills.  Coffee makers are also an appliance many homeowners wish to have hidden until time to use.   Custom built closets can be any size!

  • Walk-in closet (often shortened to “walk-in”): A closet large enough to walk inside to store clothes or other objects, on two or three sides. They may have lighting, mirrors, and flooring distinct from adjacent rooms.  A walk in closet is a dream for every new homeowner!  A walk-in closet can also be custom built into the room, it can be a walk-in pantry, a walk-in craft room, a walk in wine cellar, whatever you choose to walk into, Walker woodworking can customize your space efficiently and maximize functionally.
custom, closets, mirrored cabinet door, island

Photo by Walker Woodworking -All Rights Reserved

Walker Woodworking can help you organize any closet you have in mind!  Take a look at some of these custom built organizational storage units built by Walker Woodworking.

View more closets by Walker Woodworking.

Turn your clutter and chaos into a clean closet today! – or call 704-434-0823 to set up a consultation.

By Jan Blanton – Walker Woodworking