Make the most of your Home Show Experience

Planning your Home Show Day

No matter what type of show you are attending it’s almost impossible to see everything there! Here are some helpful tips to plan your day!

When you’re attending a home show it is easy to walk in the door and be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of exhibitors and beautiful displays that are vying for your attention. Here are a few tips that will help make your experience enjoyable and assist you in getting the information that you went to the show to find. We want you to leave feeling knowledgeable about any project you have in mind to conquer in your home.

1. Before you go make a list of projects you want to look into.

Having specific places to go will help you save time and not be overwhelmed by the numerous exhibits. You should take a list of questions with you for the vendors you plan to visit so you’ll be doing an even comparison – booth by booth.

For example, if you are looking into cabinets it may be important to you if the product is made by American employees using US materials. You could ask questions such as the following: Do you use solid wood construction? Do you offer free estimates? Is the installation cost included in the pricing? Having questions in mind that are important to you and specific to you project will help you keep the conversation focused. You will quickly determine the product you are most interested in pursuing, which will allow you to compare and eliminate prospects.

2. Get a show program and map out you vendors.

When you start going through the show, begin on a specific route with your planned targets and stick to it. That way you’ll be less likely to be pulled in multiple directions and miss a whole row of vendors completely.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

Many companies that work with different sectors of the remodeling industry are knowledgeable in various topics and trades of the home industry. The key staff work the shows and network with other vendors. Their knowledge and resources are extremely valuable.

4. Dress for comfort.

Remember if you want to get the most out of your show experience then expect to do lots of walking and standing. There are few sitting areas available unless you are sitting down to eat or hear a presentation.

5. Bring cash with you.

Many displays will offer samples. Food booths have items available for purchase. Most will accept credit cards but it’s nice to have cash to purchase a bottle of water and you always need cash to pay for parking.

Walker Woodworking has had a booth at numerous shows over the last 10 years. We have talked to many consumers, as well as other vendors at these shows. We enjoy meeting new people and have had positive feedback over the years from show visitors. We hope these tips will make your show visit a pleasant one and hope to see you at our next show.

For more information about Walker Woodworking or our upcoming home shows, be sure to visit our Website. Our design experts will be happy to assist you.


Remember to take breaks, have fun and enjoy the show! Visit us at our next show The Southern Ideal Home Show, August 22, – 24.

Post by: Jeneane Beaver