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Diverse Woodworking solutions for your home.

Our services offer all types of custom cabinetry.

Since Walker Woodworking is a custom cabinetry shop, our main market is kitchens and these rooms do account for 75% of what we build.  However, by not limiting ourselves geographically to areas between Charlotte and Shelby we have been able to expand our services to offer all types of custom cabinetry.  When working on a new construction project we have opportunities to fill an entire home with cabinetry that includes: bathrooms, offices, laundry rooms, custom closets, desk and work areas, entertainment centers, fireplace mantles, built-ins and even pet centers.  We offer diverse woodworking solutions for your home.

The process is much longer when planning a new construction project vs. a remodel.  Since this is the case we invest longer periods of time pouring over the design details with these clients and as a result, stronger bonds are made as we grow accustomed to their tastes and style.  Such was the case with this couple who was building in Lexington. Our designer got to know them very well and understood the way they wanted their home to function, far reaching from just the kitchen space.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

One area of their home that was of the utmost importance to them was the master closet.  They wanted to have one large room with an area for exercise equipment, and a separate his and hers dressing area.  Drawing on her experience of planning a previous job, our designer suggested to these homeowners that they change the layout of the space to also include a washer and dryer, doubling their main laundry capacity.  The homeowners loved the idea!  After all, who wants to walk around your entire home with piles of laundry?

In the end they have a functional dressing, exercise, and laundry room all in one!  The closet is right off the master bath, which provides a tranquil retreat for the retired couple.

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Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.


Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

They share a bathroom, but she has her own vanity seating area, so they aren’t always rubbing elbows while getting ready!

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff - All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

Of course, the kitchen was a large part of this custom home as well.  We worked diligently with the clients to plan the large angled peninsula and corner pantry so that they were all in alignment and nothing inhibited the work flow throughout the room.  We wrapped the pantry and paneled the appliances to give the kitchen an integrated appearance and make it feel warm and inviting. The painted finish of the perimeter compliments the stained island beautifully and the traditional styling lends itself to the French Country flair, without being to ornate.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff - All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

The desk we created, wine nook, and entertainment center all lend to the owners relaxed lifestyle in this one of a kind home.  If you’d like to incorporate some of these touches into your home, or if you are ready to begin planning the home of your dreams please contact us today to set up a time for a design consultation.


Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

Go ahead and think about more than just kitchens when it comes to custom cabinetry.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff - All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

But if you are thinking about what’s for dinner, imagine how nice it would be to prepare dinner in a custom built kitchen from Walker Woodworking.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.

Explore all the possibilities browsing our website by  room or by style. Click here to see the entire gallery of photos from this French Country Home Project.

Photo by Walker Woodworking Staff – All Rights Reserved.


Jan Blanton – Walker Woodworking

Custom laundry room


Turn your clutter and chaos into a clean closet!

Before starting this blog I thought I would see how Webster defines a closet.  A closet is usually small room that is used for storing things (such as clothing, towels, or dishes). 

clos·et noun \ˈklä-zət, ˈklȯ-\:

A closet can be small room, enclosed recess, or cabinet for storing clothing, food, utensils, etc. is how describes it. Either way, a closet is a place of storage with the number one goal to keep organized and have everything easily accessible. Unfortunately, clutter and chaos can easily take over your home whether it be in the kitchen, master bathroom, home-office, or your garage. Who knew there were so many different types of closets!  


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Photo by Walker Woodworking -All Rights Reserved

Photo by Walker Woodworking staff – All Rights Reserved.

Everyone wishes they had more storage space especially at Christmas time, and it would be nice to reduce the clutter year round!

Children today are involved in numerous sports, or dance with so many items needing to be stored. A college student never comes home empty handed, and even after 4 years they may have to return home to live, or perhaps one day we realize it is best for the parents if they now live with us. Whatever your household is like, the need for storage just became a necessity. Having the perfect storage unit for everyone’s belongings will miraculously make chaos disappear in your home. And we could all use a little magic when it comes to keeping the home organized!  

Walker Woodworking can help you design a unique storage space for many areas of your home.  

  • Broom closet: A narrow floor-to-ceiling space for the storage of lengthy items such as brooms, mops, & dustpans.  You can easily add an 8 inch broom closet to the pantry, opening with side by side doors.  This small space can save steps making kitchen cleanup a breeze.

  • Coat closet: A coat closet is a closet of a house where people store their hoods, jackets and coats. A coat closet is typically located in the entryway, so that it is close to the front door. It is becoming more and more popular to have your entryway flanked with a custom built mudroom or closet to be seen as you enter the home.  Making it so accessible for the children to place their book-bags and coats, because we all know they hit the floor as the children walk through the door!

  • Linen closet: A tall, narrow closet, typically located in or near bathrooms and/or bedrooms. Such a closet contains shelves used to hold towels, washcloths, sheets, and toiletries. Even if your space is limited in the bathroom, you would be surprised at the storage you can get in a vertical space.  Over the toilet, beside the door or shower, if you are building new or remodeling be sure to allow room for a linen closet.  After all, we have all forgotten our towel once or twice only to realize it AFTER our bath! Problem solved with a linen closet in the bathroom! No more naked running in the house!

  • Utility closet: A closet used for permanently housing appliances, most commonly the heating/cooling unit and water heater, especially in apartments where they cannot be put in a garage, attic, or basement. Today more than ever we have appliances of all sizes and shapes. Appliances are no longer just the water heater or the washer and dryer. Ladies have hair appliances, men have tools, those of you with culinary skills have many appliances in the kitchen such as, mixers, blenders, and panini grills.  Coffee makers are also an appliance many homeowners wish to have hidden until time to use.   Custom built closets can be any size!

  • Walk-in closet (often shortened to “walk-in”): A closet large enough to walk inside to store clothes or other objects, on two or three sides. They may have lighting, mirrors, and flooring distinct from adjacent rooms.  A walk in closet is a dream for every new homeowner!  A walk-in closet can also be custom built into the room, it can be a walk-in pantry, a walk-in craft room, a walk in wine cellar, whatever you choose to walk into, Walker woodworking can customize your space efficiently and maximize functionally.
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Photo by Walker Woodworking -All Rights Reserved

Walker Woodworking can help you organize any closet you have in mind!  Take a look at some of these custom built organizational storage units built by Walker Woodworking.

View more closets by Walker Woodworking.

Turn your clutter and chaos into a clean closet today! – or call 704-434-0823 to set up a consultation.

By Jan Blanton – Walker Woodworking

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