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Cabinet Door and Drawer Styles

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Cabinet Drawer and Door Styles by Walker Woodworking

Over the years we have made many cabinet door and drawer styles for our clients. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can have special tooling made to create it. Be sure to ask a Walker Woodworking team member for more details.

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The style you select for your cabinet door is just as important as the wood, finish, and overall design of your cabinet. The most popular door construction types, raised panel with applied molding, shaker style, and beaded panel are described below. The style you choose is limited only by your imagination and we can work with you to design a door that is uniquely you!

Raised Panel with Applied Molding – Raised panel doors offer an added dimension to your cabinetry design. Center panels are created with a variety of profiles, from stylishly simple to quite complex. These doors work well in a more formal or traditional setting, and are an excellent choice if you would like the cabinetry to be a focal point of the room. The addition of applied moldings gives these doors added depth and dimension.

Shaker Style – Shaker style doors have recessed flat panels which offer timeless appeal and simple styling. The doors, as well as the drawer fronts, are recessed with a very square profile (edge). This style works well in a country mission or in an arts-and-crafts style kitchen.

Beaded Panels – Truly charming, the beaded door offers distinct styling. Beaded or slatted panel doors are available with many combinations of outer edge details.

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