March 2021 Newsletter

Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be

Spring forward – The time has changed, warm sunny days and beautiful flowers will start to be in season soon!  This season also brings something else like inspiration and motivation to change your home inside or out! This is the perfect time to rethink your home’s layout and functionality. Is it working for you or is it hindering your daily routines? Changing your home to be more effective for your family is a beautiful thing because it means you are spending less time frustrated and more time with your loved ones. It is our pleasure to help clients plan a home that not only is beautiful but blends perfectly with their lifestyle.

In this issue:

  • Look at one of our newest completed projects, the blending of black walnut, quarter sawn white oak, and painted maple creates a kitchen worthy of any design magazine.
  • If simple lines and minimalism are your things, you might want to look into the modern design style by reading our blog.
  • Thinking of buying a house to flip it? Find out the three things you need to know beforehand.
  • Did you know we work with interior designers? Learn more about the products and services we offer.