June 2022 Newsletter

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe

Style matters because it is one way our homes inform guests about who we are and what we love. As soon as they walk in they should know what matters to us and be able to understand a little of the things that make us smile. Style is the way we can express ourselves and helps make a space uniquely ours, a space where we can truly be who we are and relax completely. Our goal with each client is to assist them in designing a space that perfectly reflects who they are and the things that matter. Your home style is important making it one of our top priorities.

In this issue:

  • This kitchen has made organization easy with all these special additions.
  • We have a new photo gallery for you to view.
  • Learn what a zero waste kitchen is and the benefits it brings to your home.
  • Rubio finishes are popular with our clients but what is it exactly?