January 2022 Newsletter

“We paint a picture for you; we make a movie for you to live in.” Will Cooper CCO at ASH NYC

We love the start of a new year, its like a brand new canvas waiting to be painted with beautiful colors. As cabinet designers we believe it is our mission to help our clients create the space that is perfect for them. Just like any painting or film, it takes planning to design a space that you will enjoy living in for years to come. Your home is about being surrounded by the things that matter most and having a design that suits your specific routine. What are you dreaming about for your home this year?

In this issue:

  • A year in review: browse our gallery to see some of the amazing projects we did in 2022
  • Looking for some new artwork? We just received some new inventory.
  • Make plans to join us for our “SOUPER” First Friday.
  • Blog posts: Is natural wood still in style? Have you heard about the color of the year for 2022?