August 2021 Newsletter

Good designs come from the heart, not the brain. ~  Danny Sengers

Anyone can find a kitchen design online, they are readily available everywhere you go from blogs to the ever-popular Pinterest. While these plans are not bad, in fact, many get the job done satisfactorily, we believe that a personalized design is the best design because it is built around each person’s unique needs and will give them the function they need.

In this issue:

  • Vertical Grain Wine Room: The homeowners chose to have vertical grain in their wine room and the results were nothing short of stunning.
  • New video alert: We love sharing design tips with our clients through video.
  • New Events: We have a lot going on so make sure you read the latest.
  • James Martin: Looking to have a new vanity? Check out these!
  • Budget: Learn a few tips on how to stretch the budget
  • Bathroom Vanity: How do you know which one is for you?