April 2021 Newsletter

“Balance function and amazing style with quality and great design” – Elizabeth Aurandt

Function and style are not opposites and they are not an either/or option but meant to work together to create a design that is perfect for the homeowner. This is always our goal with every client that comes to us with a new project, to assist them in turning their home into a place that is representational of them and made to last because of the quality of our products. We want our clients to know that we stand behind our products and services 100% guaranteeing them an experience like none other.

In this issue:

  • See a project that incorporates the beauty of nature and the calming effect it has on the design.
  • Find out why we are proud to be an authorized dealer for Karran sinks.
  • Quality and style are meant to be partners in design especially when you choose custom.
  • Taking something old and turning it into something new? Then Grand Millennial is for you.