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4 Top Renovated Areas in the Home

This past year has been one of change for many especially homeowners as their home has had to assume new roles and functions such as a classroom, home office, and even a gym. It became more than just a place to rest and recharge before the next activity, now it functions as the main headquarters for everything and where we spend large amounts of uninterrupted time. As the months went by it became evident that the current layout was no longer functional or efficient for homeowners who now felt cramped and frustrated by the lack of useable space. This deficiency has led to a readjustment of space, a call to renovate the home and provide a more functional design for everyone. There are also other reasons motivating homeowners to reevaluate their current living situation such as greater flexibility at home, open concept, personal space, and plenty of storage. While kitchens and bathrooms are still among the most renovated areas in the home, new emphasis is being placed on four additional sections in the home that we want to explore today.

Home offices

Working from home has become common for many individuals resulting in a need for a space that they can call their own, a place they can separate work from personal life. More and more homes come with an office space built in but for those with older homes they are realizing the urgency of a renovation. Working from home is not always an easy adjustment especially when you have been used to having everything you need for your job within easy reach. To maintain productivity and efficiency on your projects it is critical that you have a sufficient work area that accommodates all your needs including online meetings, ample storage, and a professional environment. A dedicated office space comes with multiple benefits including limited distractions, less chances of important papers getting misplaced, and the ability to handle private calls and meetings. Some things you should include in your home office design are:

  • Favorite artwork
  • Sufficient desk/workspace
  • Natural light
  • Open shelving
  • Ample storage

Since we spend a lot of time in our office it is important to create an environment that motivates and inspires you to do your best. Take time to research a design and find inspiration pictures that you can take to your meeting with a designer.  Discover some more reasons why a home office is needful plus some insightful design tips in this post from Model Remodel.

Laundry room

One of the hardest working areas of the home, the laundry room has a tendency to be the most overlooked as well. As the place where clothes get sorted, cleaned, and dried it has the potential to be overrun with everything clothing related such as sports jerseys and school uniforms. Designers today strive to create a laundry room that is both stylish and functional for their clients because they understand that the influence a clean, orderly space can have on your mood. When preparing to renovate your laundry room, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Storage
  • Countertop
  • Lighting

This is a multi-functional space in the home that not only makes sure your clothes stay in prime condition but stores overflow from other areas in the home like the kitchen and closet. Cleaning products, extra paper supplies, and even pet food can make their way into the laundry room giving rise to the need for a well-designed space. There are several ways to create ample storage in your laundry room, cabinets and shelving give you practical storage while still keeping everything looking neat and tidy. Don’t forget that your washer and dryer can be incorporated into the look by becoming a statement piece. Get a few design tips for your new laundry room renovation in this blog post by GrunDig.

Pet spaces

We love our pets, after all they give us so much and they are always there for us so it seems only right that we should include them when designing new spaces in the home. Some things to keep in mind when designing for a pet include:

  • Material
  • Storage
  • Space
  • Feeding area

Our pets are like family so they should be considered as we renovate our homes and make adjustments to our layouts. When buying new furniture we might worry that it can get damaged by our fur babies but there are certain materials that are durable such as leather and microfiber. It is always a good idea to keep toys and scratch posts nearby to help distract your pets from playing on the furniture. This does mean that there should be a designated place to store all those toys when they are not in use as well as for food and treats. Think about adding a special cabinet or basket where you can place these things so they are within reach but can be put away when you have company. A good design can help you give your pet what they need and still look aesthetically pleasing to you. Animal Wellness has more helpful information that can assist you in preparing your home for your existing furry companion or for your new one!

Beverage spaces

We all enjoy getting off work and relaxing with our favorite beverage but since many of us work from home it means we can’t just swing by the store on our way back from the office. Having your own beverage space inside the home is becoming more and more popular with buyers. Installing a beverage cooler in your family room or kitchen frees up more space in the refrigerator for the other essential items plus you will always have a cool drink waiting for you. It also have multiple benefits such as:

  • A separate area to relax with friends
  • Additional storage for glasses and even paper products
  • Perfect temperature for your beverages

Having a separate area means less people underfoot when you host a party or have extended family over and less mess in the kitchen. It also allows your guests to enjoy a quiet place after dining. Talk to your designer about incorporating a beverage center into your home renovation layout.

How we can help

It is essential that your home be a place that nurtures positive emotions, providing you the perfect environment necessary to function at your best. We believe in personalizing your space, making it a place you and your loved ones can thrive. Our dedicated staff here at Walker Woodworking is committed to creating a space that reflects you and says home every time you walk through the doors. Our desire is to assist you in making your renovation journey as easy as possible with the result of having a home you enjoy no matter how long you stay inside.  Together we can help you make the needed adjustments to your space, connect with us today.